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How do you re-name a pet?

I bought Prince the frog off the store, I want to re-name him but can't find where the option is, do I need to buy something from a vendor?
I have allready activated and used the item, have the skill bound to left Dpad and I have summoned him allready if that matters regarding re-naming them.
Cool pet btw, auto looting small frog that eats everything on the ground when it's looting lol.


  • Anyone?
    If you have a pet from a founders pack see if you can find where you rename it, it has me stumped.
  • That feature may not be available in the Console version.
    I'll try to check later to confirm, but I didn't see it in Open Beta.
  • Ah ok, that would explain why I couldn't find where to rename the pet.
    If you can't rename them on console it's no big deal, I was going to call him Kermit as in the frog from the Muppets :)
    Prince will do fine, thanks for looking into it with it being such a small issue in the grand scheme of things.
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