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Elite status

Any one know why my elite status not showing


  • I dont have it either. Can someone help with this?
  • There is a delayed delivery queue that has formed. It should be delivered, but not exact ETA on when each player will receive it.
    Some mentioned getting it while logging in for the first time, while others mentioned it required a Game App restart.
  • Hi! I buy 30e pack but i cant see elitw status in tera shop, anyone know?
  • 9WDJDR6RE4 wrote: »
    Hi! I buy 30e pack but i cant see elitw status in tera shop, anyone know?

    You have to buy it from PSN or Xbox store.
  • Okay th for response cobalt and k4t
  • yeah i got it first time i logged, but that was before the server crash.
  • Another question where do I find titles ?
  • UltemeciaUltemecia ✭✭✭
    Titles are delivered to the Item claim and then can be used in inventory. Then go to your character and theres a titles tab.
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