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question about elite mount Razormane

Can i summon this mount on multiple toons?
I was scared to use it on my first toon b/c i knew all the founders pack mounts were one use only.

also, in general should all the elite perks be availble on mutiple toons? like receiveing gifts, the atlas, or whatever? thanks.


  • Is the Razormane the pet used in Elite Status? If so, then it should be useable by all characters IF it follows the same as PC since that is how the PC elite works. Also the same for the EXP and other Boosts, and Atlas. The consumable and Elite gifts are given once a day per account, and the items from there can be banked so it doesn't matter which character you pick them up.

    Though I can't tell you what time the gifts reset since they might be different based on what platform and region you're on. I believe the Elite gifts reset at 8 PM EST on PC (I haven't had elite on PC in a while but that's what I rem) but obviously it will be way different for EU on consoles.
  • cool, thanks for info, that's what i thought... I actually has someone in my psn community say the mount was one use only though so i guess i'm gonna wait and see if anyone else tests it.
  • @cobaltdragon can you confirm for me if the elite mount is just claimable for one toon? thanks.
  • Elite is Account Wide, I believe... you don't claim that Mount, it's accessed through Elite Status window and can be added to your Shortcuts.
  • It only works that way because it is specifically in that Elite Menu.
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