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Question to the Community. Exp Rate to high ?

I think that the exp rates are to high. I played 4 h and im lvl 35 now. I run through the Quests, Level.


  • Yeah. I think the same. Leveling seems unnecessary.
  • 65 in 5 hours? No..not 5 hours.

    If you think xp is too fast, only do side quests and ignore the story.
  • Leveling speed is just enough. I've levelled my lancer to 60lvl in 11 hours and even think it took too long.
  • Don't play like a drone and this won't be an issue.
  • Keep in mind that if you have Elite status (so if you bought the $60 or higher founders) you get 100% exp boost for as long as you have Elite. So it feels really fast to you but when you compare it to people who will be joining free to play next week (unless they buy an exp boost/elite) they won't be getting the exp as fast.

    And as mentioned before, it was like this to help you get to level 65 quickly to start the real end game and it was also like this on the PC as well. The quests are pretty boring anyways so I'm always happy with how fast the exp is, that way I can spend less time killing random monsters or gathering and just stick with the dungeons.
  • For those that don’t know it took like a month to get 25 on pc Tera when it was released. Pretty sure this is what they mean by they can get 35 in a few hours is being to fast.
  • It does seem like the xp rate is a little too high if you want to do the side quests imo......I have already out leveled the first region with only 2 zones completed and jumped from 20-23 after Bastion.
    I get that they changed it on PC so getting to max is quicker for alts but would be nice to play my first run through at the originally intended pace and experience all the quests without being a dps god because im over leveled. And if u want a quick xp rate buy elite which is why it has the 2x bonus
  • For those that don’t know it took like a month to get 25 on pc Tera when it was released. Pretty sure this is what they mean by they can get 35 in a few hours is being to fast.

    This is untrue and a gross exaggeration of TERA's initial launch state, even for Korea. Yes, it took a while to get to 60. But it surely did not take an entire month to just get to your mid-20s. The average player could easily reach level 40 within their first two to three days, and 60 within their first or second week. This isn't 2006 Maple Story we're talking here.
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    Hey just curious I'm not gonna get to 65 and find out I need to progress some story before I can continue am I? Bc people seem to be saying dungeon it up all the way to 65. I'm cool with that unless ill still have to do quests to open up the end game dungeons.
  • All they need to do is offer an item that works like a toggle switch that decreases XP gain for those of us who want to fully explore the leveling part of the game. The choice of how you want to level, fast or slow, is left up to each player. Problem solved.

  • You do not require an item to enjoy the leveling aspect of TERA. Yes, you will outpace the content you wish to do, but it's not as if content disappears after a certain point.
  • I remember back when Tera got released on PC and the grinding was boring where you sometimes had to just grind mobs, still got to 51 where the max lvl was 60 back then. I think without the elite status it is quite ok. If you really have no rush to reach max lvl then just complete every quest even though it barely gives you any exp.
  • > When it took 10 hours to get from 58 to 60. xD
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    i like dthe old lvling waaaay better not this cator to ocd people who cant stay onb a game like this for more then 1 day its plathedic lvling its radiculas i feel the rates should be nerfed
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