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Awakening and the future of PvE

After looking into awakening and what it offers I feel like there will be an extremely huge gap between awakened and non-awakened classes. There will always be strong and weak classes but currently all classes are viable in PvE as long as the player (and gear) is good.

The class I am most worried about is Berserker. After looking at videos of a zerker doing 12m/s in RK9 and facetanking the s-bomb it feels like that’ll be the standard. Video here (very loud):

The video is 3 months old but I doubt a lot has changed regarding damage. Even my guild decided to start doing HH with zerkers only once awakening hits because the clears will be immensely fast as (assumed) HH won’t be touched at all.

So apart from the fact that runs with awakened classes will be a lot (A LOOOOT) faster, I also believe that finding groups as non-awakened through LFG will be a hard task.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about it but I am wondering what other people are thinking? Am I exaggerating or is it actually true that awakened classes will be way superior in PvE?


  • feminziifeminzii ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    i don't see it as being any different from how it's always been. There have always been dps classes that were weak and others that were strong. People will simply jump ship as they always have. Those who choose not to jump ship will still be able to do everything that they want to do, albeit with slower clear times and more difficulty finding a group.. but that's how it's always been.

    The HH thing is no different, either. People were doing full alt runs with tons of guile archers because archers were so strong at that time. Now it'll be zerkers. It's whatever.
  • BabbelsimBabbelsim ✭✭✭
    Zerk class had a bit of a nerf right after awakening came out
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    According to JP's awakening preview, the awakening skills had the changes that happened to them on the 24th of January. This means like Slayer's Large sword skill going from 5mins to 3mins and Beserkers getting a 25% damage nerf on their awakened skills. They're still strong but not stupidly broken.

    But yes, Awakened classes will be stronger than others and the damage buff non-awakened classes barely makes up for it due to how the skills changes said classes and makes them stronger for the better. They even had to buff the passive in a later Ktera patch and buff the non awakened classes on their own as time went on

    So yes, Awakened classes will be superior for awhile and we can't do anything about it. The cycle goes on, another set of classes come out on top and the others are shunted down (except Ninja, that stays in the trash :^) )
  • First of all, just in regards to your concern about zerker, the damage they get from their berserk mode is way higher than their average DPS, although that DPS is insane, their overall DPS ends up being about on-par with warrior by the end of the fight.

    As for the awakening patch in general, yes all the classes that get awakening will be really strong. If you were to call it tiers then you'll still have some A-Class classes like Valkyrie, but meanwhile the awakened DPS will be S-Class.

    The damage increase non-awakened classes will get simply wont make up for the new, insanely strong skills that the other classes get. It especially wont help some classes due to our lack of the talent system which already heavily divides our class balance in comparison to KTera. I can already imagine the hellhole that Ninja will be in once the awakening patch hits.

    Of course overall, this isn't any different to how patches have been in the past. BHS has always been utter trash when it comes to class balance and there have only ever been very few, brief instances throughout Tera's history where you could say that there was no significant advantage between the strongest and weakest class.

    If you go back long enough, Sorc and Slayer used to be top dogs. Certain patches had Sorc/Archer punished for being ranged with only 1 i-frame. Zerkers had a nightmare at some points due to having only 1 i-frame on a 10-second CD when every other class had 2+. Mystic had bad patches where their healing wasn't enough, and motes cleansing became a downside. Brawler release killed Lancer for a while. Tonnes of people claimed Archer as dead when Gunner came out. Ninja was absolutely broken #1 DPS and is now the lowest DPS class.

    Tera doesn't have a great track record in regards to class balance, especially because BHS tends to hit things with a hammer instead of fine tuning. Classes tend to either get overly buffed or heavily nerfed, and often times BHS will just slowly change the other classes to bring them in-line, which can takes months/years sometimes. This isn't anything new and I wouldn't expect it to stop any time soon.

    I'd even be willing to bet that when awakening part 2 comes out, we end up with a repeat situation and people will be calling for nerfs to ninja/sorc and buffs to zerker/warrior because that's just how BHS rolls.
    edited March 2018
    Yeah I said you are exaggerating, as far as trying to figure out the power creep and why things are never balanced.

    It's called seasonal changes where devs make people reroll to whatever is popular and broken so people can buy race change, name change, new outfits, new weapon skin, and probably swipe to get +7~+9 stormcry gear.

    Sadly, it works. There are people willing to start over playing broken classes until the next best thing happens.

    However, some people that are not insecure will remain to do fine doing PvE content with their close friends/guild/clique without having to reroll all the time. The dungeon run will just a bit slower, but who cares cause that will just make people complain that game is too easy. In fact, I admire those who doesn't give in to temptation of always wanting to play broken classes and continues to do fine with classes that nobody cares about.

    In any case, nobody knows what they want in this game while the company will do their job to manipulate ways to make sales. That's business. Money is first.
  • ZadozexZadozex
    edited March 2018
    I've seen all the talk about OP classes, but the thing I haven't seen with regards to the Awakening patch is will there be new harder content and/or will they be tweaking the existing content to be harder? If all of the content stays the same as in the game now, then it doesn't really matter since all classes will be getting a large buff when awakening arrives, granted the awakened classes get a fair more significant one. So while some classes will out perform others, all of the content will be easier by default right?
  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    Zadozex wrote: »
    I've seen all the talk about OP classes, but the thing I haven't seen with regards to the Awakening patch is will there be new harder content and/or will they be tweaking the existing content to be harder? If all of the content stays the same as in the game now, then it doesn't really matter since all classes will be getting a large buff when awakening arrives, granted the awakened classes get a fair more significant one. So while some classes will out perform others, all of the content will be easier by default right?

    no content changes, New dungeons come out after awakening hits (JP has it scheduled for May (For Rebel's) and June (For Antaros)
  • > @AxeI said:
    > I don’t party with Ninjas before Awakening & I still won’t party with Ninjas after. Cx

  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    The future of tera is that no one will play classes that don't have awakening yet. I see people with fully maxed +9 gear stop playing their class and switch to classes that get awakening. Playing suboptimal classes is waste of time of you and your party if you want to bring your party down.
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    For RMHM and RKE fine, who cares, awakened only. They take TOO LONG to finish without slaying and perfect play. For HH... meh, fine whatever most raids were maxed this summer. This will allow some other groups to finally do HH because of more dps.

    For everything else, it won't matter. KC/RG are ~4 minute dungeons. TR/LK are ~9 minute dungeons. Awakening isn't going to hurt anything, just make your farming faster.
  • Honestly I haven’t heard anyone talk about this, but as a priest main it kinda scares me. With the new “boomerang/pulse” skill priest gets that buffs and heals aren’t priests gonna be completely useless in slaying runs? Unless RKE standard changes and no one slays anymore that seems like a huge problem to me..if I’m wrong please correct me cause I really hope I’m wrong.
  • VulcarionVulcarion ✭✭✭
    there'll be less of a reason to slay rke anymore though. Proficient parties (with awakening classes) will prob take like 4 mins on each boss without slaying lol. That being said... I'm pretty sure it's impossible to slay with an awakened priest. So, rip priest for score runs.
  • I think I'm one of the very few people who still wouldn't mind running with people who will still play on non awakened classes. I'm not really picky like some others are but as long as we clear in a reasonable matter. There is definitely that chance where skilled people that play on a non-awakening class may outperform some that play on an awakening class. Of course if you have someone who is very skilled playing on an awakening class, then that is a different story actually. I think by not allowing any non awakened classes to the party is kind of an insult to those players who are still good, plus there will be that ~17-20 percent buff added to the non awakened classes to cover some of the gap.

    I've played lancer since 2014, and know what it was like when lancer was underpowered and to go through what I went through during before and after brawler came out. I stuck to the class through thick and thin no matter what people said and patiently waited for lancer buffs. Pretty sure other lancer mains went through that as well. So I feel for the people who will still play non-awakened class and show them that respect because I've met and known people who are really great at end game and still wouldn't mind. Pretty sure that the awakening classes will be great but sometimes it's also the person's skill that really makes up their play to maximize the class itself. When I see that in someone on any class, I really love that. I'm just so excited for lancer awakening and know that it will be fun. Just my 2cents.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭
    If I'm being honest, I'm of 2 minds about all this.

    Mind 1: I like feeling powerful, and the vids of slayers and zerks literally cleaving their way through all of Arborea makes my heart swell in glee. :blush:

    Mind 2: "Awakening" being what it is currently, it shows once again that BHS doesn't seem to understand how these "balance changes" are ultimately hurting their game by making it so homogenized. We've all seen this in the past - like what was mentioned before, once upon a time sorcs and slayers were the big-[filtered] DPS classes. Then came reapers (the LFG tab was rife with "REHM NO REAPERS!" posts. those were the days...). Then came gunners. Then came brawlers. So on and so on and so on.

    I dunno. I'll play by ear and see what happens.
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