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A Serious Discussion about CLASSIC TERA Servers

Have you guys ever considered seriously making one? A new Tera server on an older client from when the game launched in 2012? Paid subscription like when the game launched, with no cash shop, a harder and slower leveling experience where you even had to complete the side yellow quests like other mmo's instead of just the main story quest? Which makes the game now a running and teleport simulator. With the old island of dawn starting zone, with the old Stamina system in the game, with only all the old classes and the old versions of them, as many would agree the new revamps and the new classes just imbalance the game completely.

There have been many features removed from Tera that many people loved, there was a more competitive PVE scene around the start of the game, and some people think Tera's raids at launch had some of the best PVE encounters in any mmorpg ever made.

Here's a list of some of the features you could bring back to the game with a server like this:

- Stamina system
- Old quest system which made it harder to level and gave levels more value therefore inspiring more interest in your game as something to work towards as players. When something is too easy to achieve, people don't care to achieve it as it doesn't feel rewarding.
- Old island of dawn starting zone
- Lumbertown
- Old classes ONLY, old versions of them, slower more tactile gameplay
- BAMs before they were nerfed, which some argue was the crux of the games success and what made Tera a memorable and challenging experience back then.
- No cash shop, pure subscription with everything earned in-game, for a richer immersive experience.
- Crafting and gathering that was more relevant
- Old armor remodelling system which allowed you to mix and match armors.
- Old Vanarch system, which would be viable as it wouldn't be a free to play game anymore and wouldn't be able to be abused by f2p players.
- Old everything, including character select screen, Art, customization options, NPCs...etc
- No relic weapons
- Old PVP Servers at ANY level (a LOT of people want this back)

And anything else I might have missed that I encourage people to post in reply to this thread of whatever they liked about the old Tera.

The point is, I'm not here to argue whether modern or classic Tera is better or not, I'm just here to say you should open a separate server for this older client for the people that miss the game they used to play at release.

Now if you're worried about numbers, one of the reasons I'm making this suggestion right now is because of what RIFT is doing with their RIFT Prime servers. They've gained a surprising amount of popularity for what was a completely dead game with luckily 100-400 players on at any given time, to thousands coming back and trying the old RIFT that, to be honest, when you compare it to Tera, was not that different at all from its modern version. Tera has the upper hand here being a much more popular game than RIFT ever was, and still is concurrently, averaging few thousand players online at any time, and the current game of Tera right now is MUCH different to it's classic version. It will be almost a completely different experience, for the few thousand of niche players that want to play that version or maybe even more.

If you think back negatively to the numbers of when you did have subscription, which were probably around 200-500k or so at its peak.. I'm not sure? But whatever the number was at the time, you have to understand, Tera was not an established name when it came out, it was a new mmo with a completely new IP, asking for a monthly subscription to people who had never even played it before and had already long time invested in their older mmo's, RIFT suffered the same and even worse fate yet still retains popularity in the classic server they just released. People are hungry for a cash shop free classic mmorpg again. Tera has had 20+ million players since going f2p experience the game, it's years old with a long and dedicated fanbase, with different people leaving due to several factors I've stated in this thread, that would come back instantly if a classic server was brought back that they could enjoy again of the game they used to love.

Another reason I'm making this suggestion now, is because, pardon me for mentioning for the purpose of conveying this message, but as you probably know there are rumours of people already developing one of "those" type of servers for Tera, and I just think it would be done much better by the official source, bug free, and long term for people to truly be able to invest in. I don't want to play on one of those type of servers, but someone else may capitalize on the love of classic Tera faster than you do.

I don't know the technicalities of it, but I can't imagine simply bringing up a server on an older client and providing a download link for that would be that much investment budget wise for something that is already created, I think it would do the game good for the long run and make players come back rather than people consistently leaving the game as what seems to be happening right now to Tera.

With all the hype surrounding "classic" servers of games, and with all the games that have done it and are doing it in the future, and with those unnamed people who are seemingly working on that old version of the game already, I think now is the right time to capitalize on nostalgia and bring back that old valuable and well paced immersive gameplay experience that Tera used to have. I could swear even the optimization was done better back then.

I'd love to hear everyones opinion on this and even a developers opinion, maybe not telling me if they'll do it or not, but at least let me know if this is a good idea, or something you might do a long way down the track, even a "maybe" would be nice, in reply to this thread :)

There was a certain charm to the old game, to players like me, who enjoyed that pacing and difficulty of the monsters, BAMs, dungeons and raids back then, and I hope you see the potential in an already very successful game, that has only been declining slowly due to arguably bad decisions by BHS, I'm not here to argue about the current game though, I still think current Tera is a good game, I just think it's missing so much that the old game used to have, so why not have the option to play both? If you actually decide to do it, PLEASE make sure it's subscription based, with the OLD client, not current client and classes but brought back in time, give us back the old client and all the features the game had at the time, with no cash shop or anything to give players advantage over another. I think you guys should seriously consider this, and I hope a developer will comment some thoughts on this.

I've personally been following Tera since I think around 2009, well, since that little intro website for Tera was up with all the class cutouts on the front page that you could click on and see the description for... Remember that? ;) I am one of those, probably in the first 500 followers who even heard of the game, and I think the overall experience was much better back then and would love to see this happen exactly as I've said, with no dirty cash shop tactics included, release this server with pride if you do it, try to make it the best game you can, and watch popularity grow. Bring this back, it's not time to let this great mmo die and be forgotten about, the core of this game was well put together and its popularity can still be salvaged.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope I've inspired at least one person to make this happen, and remember... People love CHALLENGE.


    There's been threads made by this particular fashion spending so much time and energy typing, but only to fall short of getting ignored or receiving negative viewpoints about it.

    I see no reason to go backwards playing outdated class changes because I'm used to the standard class changes that we are currently on.

    People may feel like they want to play vanilla days because back then the game was great, but end up realizing all the bland broken class changes and less QoL changes back then is just frown upon and never want to look back ever again.

    Can't beat the clock. Gotta move forward. Also, EME making a new server just for vanilla won't happen, period.
  • I think one thing EME needs to be careful of with the people replying in this thread, is that they don't represent the thousands of players that would come back if this server was made. This forum can be an echo chamber to the people who are playing the game right now and are obviously pleased with it. But then there are people like me, and judging by the numbers lately there's a lot of people like me, who prefer the old game, or at least AN older version of the game, and I think the current numbers and popularity of the game speaks far louder than any naysayer on this thread can speak. These people, 2 people, or 10 people, or even if you get 20 people telling you not to do it, who I have nothing against and they are entitled to their own opinions, are not the people you would be bringing "back" if you were to make this server, this is not your target demographic.

    So I hope any developer reading this will keep that in mind when reading through these comments.
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    You're asking for almost literally the moon with this, sir/madam. I haven't been playing for as long as you have, but I can tell you that many of the things you'd like wouldn't happen either because, as a previous person said, of the QoL changes that have been implemented or the fact that history tells us that the developers believe otherwise about how their game should function (coughs).

    Let's look at some specifics, shall we?
    - Stamina system
    You mean the system that was panned by almost the entire playerbase? You are literally the only person I've come across so far who said they liked the stamina system.
    - Old quest system...
    I remember the old quest system. No thanks. Now granted, I also think the current quest system sucks, but largely because it still has that nonsense about how you can only complete some story threads by doing a dungeon in a party (lopsided power scaling notwithstanding). Not to mention that the reward scaling has always been questionable at best (still waiting for my Ambit greatsword from BRN, and recall this is before smartboxes).
    - Lumbertown
    What's wrong with the current Lumbertown? You can still go there if you want.
    - Old classes...
    Do you really want old versions of sorcs, warriors, and especially zerks?
    - Old Vanarch System
    You honestly believe people wouldn't try to exploit the system like they did then? If anything, I surmise it would be like the Crusades: collusion between guilds getting laughably more obvious by the day.

    Like I said, you're asking for quite a lot, and not all the things you'd like are good, at least in my eyes. While I doubt few are completely against a "private server" setting (if only because that might mean less knuckleheads in CH, ahem), it giving the resurgence in player numbers you think it will seems a bit far-fetched methinks.
  • BabbelsimBabbelsim ✭✭✭
    well i would love to have a Legacy server very very much!

    like you said other old MMO's do that to like Rift and even WoW and if some people dont like that idea well dont play on it then but i bet alot of people would love to have that chance again
  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    TimmyRimmy wrote: »
    or at least AN older version of the game
    console is currently at sshm patch, knock yourself out dude
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is very likely 99.999999% outside of their control. Only BHS can authorize this, and why the heck would they do that in the first place?

    I swear like 97/100 topics on this board can be addressed with "EME can't address that, only BHS can." Really wish the playerbase would understand that.
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    Not gonna happen.
  • It probably won't happen, ever, not in a million years considering what BHS is like.

    But as an older player and fan of the game... yeah, I would like a classic server, I really loved the lore and gameplay of vanilla TERA, up to alliance territory wars at least (In my opinion of course) that was the best time to be playing, the lore was relevant and not butchered into oblivion, the amount of group activity outside of IMS was actually decent.

    Not that the current model is terrible, it's an "Okay" step in some sort of direction, but you've got to think of TERA now and TERA then as two different games altogether, since so much has changed it may be more work than they can afford, specially with the bug fixes.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    hmmm... Wasn't TERA LITERALLY dying back on the last days of paid subscription, before adding some cash shop stuff?

    The idea sounds interesting for the nostalgia of beta days players, but financially plain horrible. I sure would love to try out the game as it was before I came to it, since I came in Reaper patch, but heck no I'm not paying one cent for that, much less paying MONTHLY for that. I don't even understand how subscription games can stay alive but that's another story.

    Another thing to take into consideration: you'll need a playerbase on that new old server. You'll have to convince people to pay to play an old version of a currently free to play game. Ain't seeing it happening. Think of how many people will keep paying monthly to play a game that is an old version of a currently free game with low population. How much would that grow? How long would it take?

    Don't forget it's not like you just dump an old Core i5 machine with some 32GB of ram and call it a server for a game of this scale. If you plan to allocate our current servers for this old version, then well I'm strongly against that, given the current bad shape of the servers during peak hours.

    May as well try the private server route, and if I recall the ones who did it gave up after a few months cause it wasn't all that easy and cheap to maintain it for the player count they would get. If I'm not wrong again, it all started with this exact same idea. End of the day, En Masse's work isn't just sitting on a chair looking at some random server usage graphics while the hamsters spin the wheels there and call it a day.
  • DvsvDvsv ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    ElinLove wrote: »
    hmmm... Wasn't TERA LITERALLY dying back on the last days of paid subscription, before adding some cash shop stuff?

    Some ppl here think that "back in the day" Tera was great and a very popular and profitable game but for some weird reason EME ditched everything for a free to play model lol.

    Imho, it's just nostalgia ;)
  • BonbonnieBonbonnie ✭✭✭
    As nice as it would be, with Blizzard finally caving after subscription drops, it's not going to happen. I'd LOVE for it to, but no, it's not going to happen. BHS is more focused on running this game into the ground.
  • TimmyRimmy wrote: »
    and with those unnamed people who are seemingly working on that old version of the game already

    Long gone days...a great deal of nostalgia. I would say holding on to the above would be better at this stage, maybe it can happen but personaly i feel, it has a higher chance of happening in another totally separete "context" from the present one or this present rendering.

    It certainly would be great fun again, so i'll keep an eye out for those possible "alternatives".
  • allofspaceandtimeallofspaceandtime ✭✭✭✭✭
    i would be all for a legacy server , but I wouldn't pay a subscription for it. I haven't seen any game worth paying to play it monthly. I also think the cash shop should be in it, and keep the current classes with their skills now, but not have the new classes in it. bring back iod as the starting area, bring back level 60 dailies and the gold they used to give, bring back alliance and guild banks, the way it used to be. bring back campfires,charms, and consumables. keep relic weapons, bring back mob and bam drops pre fate of arune patch, let the bams drop fashion coupons like they used to for any level difference, keep fashion coupon shop, bring back elin teleporters, bring back pvp like it used to be so people can get their kicks by ganking lowbies, but on a separate legacy server, remove the invisible walls , ceilings, and barriers so that we can go back to velika wilds and baldera. keep the flying mounts, keep the world boss achievement like it is now where you need to kill only 1 of each. let cs be level 30 again. if eme could do that for us with 2 legacy servers 1 pve, 1 old style pvp, I feel like it would be the most populated server or servers, more than the others combined. I would gladly start all over again and live on those servers. I feel like rp would go to the legacy server as well. and if they brought back nexus to them, kg, and the others, I know it would be more populated and once word got out, people would return.
  • PartyblastPartyblast ✭✭✭✭
    Dvsv wrote: »
    ElinLove wrote: »
    hmmm... Wasn't TERA LITERALLY dying back on the last days of paid subscription, before adding some cash shop stuff?

    Some ppl here think that "back in the day" Tera was great and a very popular and profitable game but for some weird reason EME ditched everything for a free to play model lol.

    Imho, it's just nostalgia ;)

    Yea, just nostalgia. Vanilla Tera lacks so much QoL that people will instantly realize and start to hate/ask for it to be changed which would just beat the point of a vanilla server.

    I feel the same way about Blizzard releasing vanilla WoW since it lacks so much QoL that the game worked through over the years, but somehow there seems to be big enough hype for it. Main issue with Tera is that we don't even have an active player base the size of the player base that wants vanilla WoW, so the amount of people who would play vanilla Tera would make it a very bad investment of time and money from BHS.
  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Just a nostalgia thing -- there used to be a running/messenger quest ? that you take in Aurum Road of Val Aureum having you to run from one camp to another in a time limit (think it was like 25 seconds or something) and it was just a cool thing to do .. running on mount wasn't fast enough so you had to think smart about going from point a to point b. other than the fact that faster mounts (than 240 speed) were an endgame thing iirc. i kind of miss quests like that.
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