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Aussies rejoice - playing on NA client/EMP purcashes

After I purchased the founders pack from PSN and playing on EU servers I took a punt to see if I could actually play early on NA client too, to my surprise we can and the EMP from pack was also usable in game so unless something changes when we actually buy EMP looks like we can buy from our store and play on NA with friends.
Unfortunately the other items from pack were client locked


  • how did you get to na server ? im stuck on eu
  • Create new psn acc using a US address then need to download game from NA PSN store.
  • Just create another account (different e-mail address) and select US as the country. You don't need to re-download the game since the client is exactly the same regardless of which regional store it was originally downloaded from. Server region is based on the country selected during creation of PSN account.
  • No u need the EU client to play on EU servers and NA to play on NA servers. BUT you can still play with your normal acc on either client
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    how did you get the NA client i made an US account and logged in said i need the founders pack but have originally purchased it from the EU store?
  • Unless u played beta and kept it unfortunately you can't until launch
  • you played NA servers during beta? if thats so that is my problem then
  • AdamW79AdamW79 ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    Yep. Sorry probably shda mentioned that, the 2 stores have different versions of same games so u need both to play in both.
    But on good side does give U free character slots so combined you can make all 10 toons
  • Has anyone been able to test ingame purchases and subs? This thread has rekindled some of my lost hope
  • Right so I tried it myself - bought the cheapest pack (can always upgrade later) and the client is telling me I need to buy a pack. I did play both versions during beta, but only to level 10 or so. I only have the NA client on my PS4 at this time.

    Not looking too hopeful at this point
  • Which store did u buy pack?
  • Assuming you bought it on EU store, you need to go on EU client and create a character on EU server first. Then it will let you in NA client early access.
  • CruciasNZCruciasNZ
    edited March 2018
    Huh, alright will try - once I re-download the client
  • So reporting back.

    Logging into the EU, making a character, then swapping to NA client lets you get past the founders block. However, all purchases (EMP and Founders packs) are locked to the EU server. I had the free 1000 EMP starting amount, but when I purchased another 1000 EMP it did not show up on the NA server.

    Well that blows chunks, now we have to decide between playing apart from our friends, or just not playing.
  • Or just use your NA PSN account to play on NA server, and buy US PSN card to from other websites such as amazon
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