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Xbox v PS4 pack price differences ?

Why is there such a difference between Xbox and PS4 in the prices of the starter packs?

Founders pack
xbox £23.99
ps4 £24.99

Deluxe pack
Xbox £44.99
Ps4 £49.99

Supreme pack
Xbox £64.99
Ps4 £79.99

and worse of all

Ultimate pack
Xbox £89.99
Ps4 £119.99

Ultimate pack is the worst ! £30 of a difference.

Please explain.



  • There will always be a price difference, why they are doing this we dont know.
  • EME doesn't get all this money, only part of it and I guess Sony takes bigger cut than Microsoft. This also explains the elite status price difference with pc.
  • comacoma ✭✭
    It's just like state taxes, works the same way. Cigarettes are 17.00 in NY and 6.00 in Tennessee.
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