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Freezing on kill

I have been Tera since foundation pack release my trophies have bugged out but apart from that the game has been running smooth with odd graphic tear from here to there.

But I have logged in today and the game is unplayable at for me at minute everything a mob dies my game freezes for 2 seconds no so bad on bosses without adds etc but it makes dungeons unbearable I been playing with a friend and his has been fine but I have a ps4 pro so was wondering if others have run into the issues.


  • Yeah I have this weird freezing after kills and trophy glitches as well.
  • The lag/freeze has been happening most the day,not just in city's but everywhere very annoying.. Especially dungeon runs..Down side is most the lag/freeze spots are exactly the same spots for PC,,this is worrying as its a coding prob that's been copyed onto the console version and might not get fixed,other lag is prob just first day downloads,etc..here's hopeing..
  • Yeah i got that yestarday for some reason. I have been playing since the founders pack got out on Ps4 Pro and it has been working fine untill last night. now everytime i kill a mob or whatever the game freeze for like a splitsec. It has the same effect as the VIP expierd screen/freeze for a sec every 5 or 10sec. but this is everytime you kill a enemie or as soon its death animation starts its very annoying. I just dont know what to do... I have tried reinstall tera but that didint work, rebuilt the detabase didint work either i even treid to play it on the normal ps4 but the problem is still there :(
    So ehhh what to do hehe :(
  • No way to fix this huh? i guees i will just have to wait untill they hopefully patch this bug :(
  • The new patch did not fix the it. The game still freeze for a splitsec everytime you kill a enemie :(
  • Still the same .Freezeing on kill for a splitsec everytime you kill a mob :(
  • Hi! Which trophy are bugged? For me the latest patch fixed them so I did all the trophies. But I have the freezing after a kill too... I hope They're on it. ;)
  • You got that now? damn i still have mine since april and it still havent been solved yet... dont know what to do :(
  • This should have been addressed during the Maintenance yesterday / this morning.
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