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  • @456NGF6W5D
    Such an angry child. lol.

    You need a therapist. Poor baby, you're barely coherent.
  • > @zsh4rp said:
    > @456NGF6W5D
    > Such an angry child. lol.
    > You need a therapist. Poor baby, you're barely coherent.

    Says the kid crying about a video game. Ok little buddy whatever you say. You snowflakes are always so much fun.
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    Vixsaris wrote: »
    Sadly just to add my 2pence worth,have been looking at forum content for PC and console,, and I don't think the lag/freezes in the city's or otherwise are going to be sorted,as PC gamers are still waiting for these issues to be sorted 6years now,,and we have got a ported console version including all the poor coding issues.. Majority of feeling is the game won't be fixed and be careful if your going to pump money in to it,which is sad cos I was hopeing this was going to be good..

    This is my feeling too. The game simply suffers from poor coding, likely at the core of the game. Tera was never a big player in the MMO world anyway. It's a niche game for a niche consumer.

  • @456NGF6W5D
    Ok kid. :)
    Keyboard warriors are the weakest irl. It's ok, you'll outgrow it one day.
  • > @zsh4rp said:
    > @456NGF6W5D
    > Ok kid. :)
    > Keyboard warriors are the weakest irl. It's ok, you'll outgrow it one day.

    Haha you are so ignorant you are not aware you are the keyboard warrior. I mean you are trying to big and tough by attacking a video game company with CAPS. Yeah it's very clear you definitely are weak.
  • @456NGF6W5D
    How am I attacking them, by stating a problem?... Their lack communication.

    You attacked me on your first post kid. I'd definitely say the weak warrior behind the keyboard is you.

    Sorry, you're so brain dead you can't tell the difference. Hahahaha
  • zsh4rpzsh4rp ✭✭
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    Also, when did I threaten them, or say anything foul toward anyone on their staff? Never happened. Stop making things up to make yourself sound edgy, kid.

    Others have already agreed with me, which simply shows how low down your IQ is continuing to drop.

    I've simply responded to you, because you're a joke- and jokes are funny. Like you kid.

    Using Caps lock means you're attacking someone?

    Only a keyboard warrior would even think to say something so ignorant, kid.
  • We get it you sick [filtered]. Your "censor " tantrum over seeing little girls in undies got your main account banned so you created a new account to continue your bashing of a video game.
  • It's been a hectic couple weeks as we've working day and night to launch this game across multiple platforms and territories. Our player relations team is comprised of a few people, each with different roles and functions. This means that the person responsible for managing the partners program and updating Twitter is not necessarily the same person on forum and Discord duties. We're trying our best to keep up discourse with players across all our communication channels but there's only so much CobaltDragon to go around.

    Rest assured that reported bugs are being captured and passed along to the developers. The reality is that, getting these things sorted out is going to take a bit of time. Build pushes on console are a bit more involved than PC so things will be a bit slower, at least at the start. Right now, we're focused on launching a game.

    I'm locking this thread because it's went way off the rails and bordered on an attack of EME staff to begin with.
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