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  • I have also not received my purchased emp. Paid for yesterday.
  • I agree. Discouraging to make purchases when you do not receive the items. All we can do for now is make sure you have a ticket open. If they do not correct within a few days go to Sony for a refund. Make sure to screenshot all these people having issues as well even though I am sure they know already as I heard they are already giving refunds.

  • I am also one of the many victims of this problem and i am already determined not to spend a single dime on the game anymore. Will continue playing but i will not be buying anything more. Really wish and admin would just come up and say something at least
  • Really would like this to be resolved as possible. Would like to create another character but still no founders pack or reply to the ticket I've raised. Has anyone gotten a reply on the tickets they've raised?
  • I contacted Sony support. They said that en masse is working on a fix and are aware of the issue. They told me to restore my licenses in my account settings and if that doesn't work deactivate and reactivate ps4 as my primary account. I would chat in with them for the instructions. I am not home currently so I was unable to test what they wanted for me to do. She insured me they are working on a fix so they must be getting slammed with people not receiving their items.
  • Im not home aswell right now but will definitely try it when I get there
  • Hi everyone. We fixed the issue that was blocking items purchased on PS4 from being delivered. The next time you restart your game client or if you access the PSN store from in-game, your missing Founders' Packs and EMP should be delivered.
  • I also had 1 of 2 EMP purchases not show up in TERA store in game. Sony support helped by instructing me to go to close out of TERA>go to account management>sign out/sign in to PSN>then restore licenses>restart TERA. Only 1 of the 2 transactions showed up in game, but I was assured that the other transaction will be in PSN transaction history. There isn't any option to refund the PSN store wallet, so when the problem is fixed by developers, the EMP funds will show up in game.
  • Same problem, I already have a few days playing the tera beta by affiliating with twitch on ps4, and I decided to buy the founder pack deluxe 60$ but when entering the game and claiming they do not appear on any server or with any character, then I want to claim them or at best have my money back T_T
  • I got my stuff now. o,o
  • I’m going on a 4th day of nothing no reply from the support no nothing it’s absolutely insane how poorly put together this is it would be acceptable if it was a new game altogether but that isn’t the case it’s just sad and infuriating
  • 3rd day still haven’t gotten $40.00 worth of Emp please check on this and fix it.
  • Same I've purchased emp and still have not received mine almost 3 days later. They need to fix the problem. It's the second time after I've purchased some it hasn't shown up. I was looking at buying additional slots which means I'd probably end up spending more money buying emp in the store for mounts. Not feeling very confident in this companies ability to sort problems out
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    For those still not getting your items please open a support ticket at http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit If you have not done this and are just posting on the forums, please go make a support ticket. posting on the forums will likely get you no where as it's not meant for this type of support
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