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Dead and unable to reive

I died during a dungeon and then my game crashed. When I got back in game, my character was outside the dungeon, dead, and there is no way for me to revive. I'm also unable to open the menu.

I tried to submit a ticket, but when I go to submit the ticket, the webpage goes to a white screen that just says "Undefined."

Does anyone know a fix for either of my issues?


  • I'm the one who said I'd come and try to revive you, but there was not body where you said it was. Good luck with your ticket. I hope they fix it soon...my husband is still waiting for a reply to his ticket that he sent out 5 days ago.

    Closing the application and restarting it didn't work?
  • Have you tried the unstuck feature?
  • im currently having the same problem with no way to get into the menu you cant get to the unstuck feature
  • They need to add a feature to where this happens after say like 5 mins as an example the game should automatically unstuck you or if enough time passed say like n hour or two it should teleport you outside the dungeon or to Velika.
  • yeah thought a timer of being dead for so long would just auto teleport you, now im unable to play until this is fixed
  • Happen to me yesterday and I had someone come revive me and it got me going again.
  • it took forever but i did eventually get sent back to an outpost so i would just leave your game running and you should get teleported back at some stage
  • I just had same thing happen people see me when logged on I hope someone can group and use a team res see if that works
  • I mean, there is a timer that auto-teleports you back to town, the only downside is it's a half-hour/30 minute timer before it goes through on its own.
  • FooJabi wrote: »
    Have you tried the unstuck feature?

    You are unable to click in the menu, so not possible unless /stuck works on consoles from chat? All you can access is the map and chat.
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    This is a pretty serious bug. I had left a dungeon and mid loading power outage hit. I logged back in and I'm dead outside the dungeon unable to do anything.

    A kind soul just resed me.
  • Ho god ihave the same pb, ican't play anymore
  • Just refresh licence of game and relogin, then you will be outside the dungeon then ask someone to revive you. If this doesn't fit reinstall the game.
  • Get a buddy to use scroll of resurrection on dead friend
  • You can still access the chat use the /say command so anyone outside the dungeon can see you asking for a Rev someone will help eventually it happened to me also.
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