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[PS4-NA] (Dracoloth) Amaterasu Guild Now Recruiting!

Guild Name: Amaterasu

Server: NA Dracoloth
Console Type: PS4
Timezone: Central and Mountain
Status: Now recruiting
Play Style: PVE, Casual, New Players, PVP, Dedicated Players, Experienced
Social: Family-Friendly, Leisurely, Voice-chat
Requirements: Patient, Kind, Cooperative

Description: We are a newly formed guild seeking active members to grow with. Our aim is to have a decent group of characters who seek to have fun with each other through shared experiences. If you are new to the game, a veteran of the PC version, casually playing, or looking to play seriously, we have a spot for you!

We look to get everyone through the game to endgame where we can do raids, dungeons, and more. We will help with learning any of the game mechanics and will assist you with story and optional quests.

If you would like to contact us beforehand, feel free to message GM on PSN: J3lackWolfe, in-game (my player name is Celica), or Officer PSN: D13s14n, ingame: Morlanith, or message us here.
Also: Our Discord server extension is https://discord.gg/8nM4B9w

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you find that time to join us!


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