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[PC] We are aware of issues surrounding the event EP booster, and are working to resolve this. Currently, we are working towards having this fixed on Tuesday, 02/25 in a hotfix maintenance. We will have further details as we approach this fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Log-in error please fix

Unknown Error Occurred, error_message='sceNpWebApiSendRequest2 Failed, error_code=0x8095170d, status=0, message=", error_code='-2'


  • I'm getting the same thing on PS4
  • lolwatlolwat ✭✭✭
    It worked finally but not sure if it's fixed or I just got lucky.
  • Different error code when trying to launch game from title screen. Unknown Error Occured, error_message=‘sceNpWebApiSendRequest2 Failed, error_code =0x8095170d, status=0, message=’’’, error_code=‘-2’
  • Working now hopefully fixed
  • I have a similar error mine is, Unknown Error Occurred, error_message='sceNpCheckNpAvailabilityA Failed, error_code=0×804101e2', error_code=2''

    Do you want to retry?
  • This is all started after the server merge and emergency update..had issues ever since.
  • I can't get past the server select screen :/
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