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Tweaks to Revival System

Ok so I've noticed an absolutely horrifying problem with Death in Tera and that is how there is absolutely no way for a player to revive themselves. The neophyte resurrection doesn't count because you can only do it 5 times per dungeon, and that's all. You ABSOLUTELY MUST CHANGE THIS. The lack of method for players to revive themselves is going to destroy this game. If you really want to avoid players who aren't healers to revive themselves then you AT LEAST need an auto-revive timer or something so that players will revive or resurrect after a set amount of time.

I also feel the need to address the glitch on PS4 where OTHER PLAYERS CAN'T REVIVE YOU. This is too big of an issue and absolutely needs fixed. I've already seen players ask for help and people are telling them to delete their characters and start over. Devs, you really gotta fix this or you're going to end up spending an entire week restoring deleted characters.

I hate sounding like a [filtered] but for real, this is a game breaking issue right now. Assuming you were making tweaks to players rezzing players with scrolls and magic, and something broke, it was really irresponsible to not have set up a fail safe for this problem before doing so.


  • This is a known issue (and at least on the higher priority list for Bluehole to address and fix).


    It's actually more specific to the PS4 version though due to an issue with the user interface. The revive functionality actually works but the UI isn't working properly on the PS4 (it works on Xbox from what I've heard so far). I believe this was reported even during the technical tests and players experienced this during the open beta stress testing but...
  • If this has been a problem since the beta and it still hasn't been properly dealt with; my hopes for this game are hitting rock bottom very quickly. If you have a game breaking glitch, and you know it's there, don't release the game on that platform until it's fixed.
    Developers pushing out a broken product has destroyed so many games, and the dev's reputations.
    If this glitch isn't at the top of their priority list, I'd be scared to know what bigger more pressing issue is up there.
  • Finally after a week I was able to resurrect! So glad to log in and see the UI for auto rez. Hopefully that bug is gon for good!
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