is elite status worth it in general?

Will elite status make life much easier? Pro/cons? Just trying to be wise with my money spending. ill play the game either way.


  • i do like the perks that elite status gives you, even without the daily emp that pc users gets. The village atlas is so useful, you can teleport to any major town/village for free instead of paying for the pegasus, you also get the everful nostrum, an infinite equivalent of a prime battle solution, however you can use that nostrum from lvl 1, and you get access to an elite status only mount that all you characters can use from lvl 1, not a bad deal for the price imho.
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    Honestly... no.

    Theres only 3 things you will use and they aren't worth the money.

    The Atlas for easy teleport, wich you can buy teleport scrolls for. It's nice to have, but not worth a monthly.
    The elite box, a daily box with materials like alkahest.
    The double gold from quests. You can only do the quests once. I'm not sure it applies to missions but it may.

    Basically, the double gold is what you are getting for it and it's not enough to be worth the money aswell.

    Having the EMP means you get cosmetic items/boxes on top of it, making it somewhat more of a value proposal.

    As it stands, my opinion is that it's not worth it and spend your money on emp instead if theres something you want.

    Hopefully this changes in the future. I was planning to keep elite going, but after experiencing it, i think i'm gonna let it lapse.
  • I purchased it and after 24 hours i still dont have access to any of its perks so in my opinion it does not seem as though it was worth it.

    If I try to use the teleport or the mount or whatever it just says you can update to elite status on the Tera Store Page.
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    I don't see value in it. Nothing in the game seems to be particularly scare or difficult to obtain. Elite is likely useful to a new player that wants to play more than one character.

    The game drops teleport scrolls. There are teleporters in every settlement. Pegasus fees are not that much.

    Bonus XP is only usefull untill you are max level. Once you max your main you have to play alts to get value from the XP boost, and when they are max that XP boost is wasted.

    You can buy things on the cash shop and sell them at the broaker, likely there are some cash shop items in high demand that will give you better gold than the double quest gold.

    Every character gets a free mount anyway. It's plain, but serviceable.

  • Compared to the PC version of Elite (which itself is already lacking but at least has permanent crystalbind), I would say it is serviceable but not really worth it for the time being on console UNLESS you sell a lot of stuff on the trade broker (if you intend to do a lot of selling transactions there, then it is worth it because of the amount of gold you save on the listing fees).

    Once the Elite from my Founders expires, I'm not going to renew (I main on the PC version anyway and am just leveling characters on console to have a different way to play/experience the game). The village atlas is a nice quality of life perk to get to the main hubs quickly but past the questing, Vanguard Request teleports suffice and there are other methods including teleport scrolls. Everful nostrum is nice but after a certain point, you build up enough minor/major/prime battle solutions.
  • Depends on the person.

    - A mount that new characters get when they reach Velika
    - Double gold from quests/monster drops
    - Double Reputation
    - Double XP from defeating monsters
    - Village Atlas (free travel to various places)
    - Daily Elite gift Box
    - Daily consumable box (contains a crafter's cure which is pretty decent, 1k PP recovery, dungeon reset, etc.).
    ("comprehensive" list)

    Is the above worth about .50 a day?

    Personally feel that it isn't, at least not after leveling characters. XP and Gold boosts can be obtained with gold which essentially leaves:
    - Double Reputation
    - Village Atlas
    - Daily Elite gift Box
    - Daily consumable box

    Is the above worth about .50 a day?

    ES on console currently not granting daily EMP like on PC doesn't help in determining the value, not to mention founder's packs initially detailing granting daily EMP which was later changed after a number of them were purchased.
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