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Demokron Factory, unable to talk to Randun.

As the title says, I have tried to get close to him, or talk from pretty much every angle but I am unable to do so. Am I missing something, or is this bugged?


  • KarpoKarpo ✭✭
    You can type /Reset and it will resert the instance this should fix it....should..lol
  • Its a raid, which you need 7 people to even enter. Only the leader could reset (with a unanimous or majority vote?), and that would kick everyone anyway. I have tried multiple times though, and its always the same. No option to actually talk to him.
  • I'm having this same issue
  • Me too. Same issue.
    Can't talk to questgiver NPC and get the quest.
  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    This isseue has been FOREVER! CMON!
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