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Why tera doens't have a DPS counter?

You can't see your DPS in game, you don't know if you or your group doing well.
You don't know if your rotation is well better than another or bad.
You don't have how to test which class is better and what for.
Without this certainly the game will fall soon on PS4.

So what enmasse will do to make the game better?


  • I had the same suggestion but the thread was moved to bugs for some reason.

    I personally think the UI needs some work, more options to move the UI around and increase the size of the buff icons your buffs/debuffs etc...

    Also a parser so you can compare yourself to others. Not just dps, but heals too.
  • I agree too
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    I can see my dps just fine. it shows every time I hit how much damage i'm doing and it looks different when it's a crit. DPS meters arnt needed imo.
  • Sakky wrote: »
    I can see my dps just fine. it shows every time I hit how much damage i'm doing and it looks different when it's a crit. DPS meters arnt needed imo.

    if you not serious dont comment
  • You can't see your DPS in game, you don't know if you or your group doing well.

    DPS meters have been known to cause issues due to the highlighted quoted section.

    Take World of Warcraft for example and the "recount" addon (and or something similar). A number of players post the results of runs in chat simply to shame others and or use the data from the/a addon mid-run as justification to kick players because they feel they are not performing up to their standards. In that example DPS meters can provide a negative and volatile environment for players.

    "What's up with the DPS?! I did x percent of the damage!!!"
    ***Insert bickering, blame shaming and negative criticism***

    Not stating that a DPS meter function is good or bad though simply giving an example of how it could/is being used negatively. If the player base for a game was for the most part positive/helpful then DPS meters could be a good thing though when there are players that will use it to shun/discriminate against other players it won't seem like such a good thing in that regard.

    Personally feel as long as the content gets cleared and the overall "pace" didn't feel bad who did what matters less, not that it doesn't matter at all. Playing with friends/those you are familiar with can/does help lessen the seeking of "who is performing up to far" thing. During content effective tanking/healing can essentially be seen, DPS, not so much though recording and analyzing runs can provide good sources of information, not that anyone has to do as suggested though it is something that players can do done in the mean time since DPS meters in TERA currently is not a thing.

    Personally analyze videos for various information. If a run with a particular class composition is slower/faster than others, other compositions are "tested" all the while with ilvl (or the equivalent) being taken into consideration, again, it is a personal preference to do it that way.
  • I can understand if you wanted a DPS meter for only you, that only shows your damage...but adding a DPS meter that shows your entire team would cause a lot of flaming or elitist remarks to your team and can be seen as toxic to the community. Though as I said before, having one to show for only your damage is something I wouldn't mind though.
  • Bad players will always have, no matter what
    No problem if there is a DPS meter just for yourself
  • personal dps meter would be fine, but a dps meter for everyone would just cause more issues and drama
  • Bad players will always have, no matter what
    Exactly which is the point.
    No problem if there is a DPS meter just for yourself
    Had you simply stated this initially it may have been different though you originally stated "you don't know if you or your group doing well" which makes all the difference and is inclusive of situations where the aforementioned "bad players" will utilize the DPS meter in a negative fashion(s).

    Then again it would depend on what a player only DPS meter would display. If it simply displays DPS for your character no problem, If it displays essentially anything such as % of damage inflicted on boss, not so much.
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Tbh I don't think EME doesn't want to make people think that a particular class is bad (although many examples on PC are enough to show which are the weaker classes and which should be buffed.

    The only problem with DPS meters is how it is used, as argued in multiple times back when Tera was PC only. To be honest a legal in-game dps meter is enough for players to see if they are performing in the game, bolstering their morale. It is good to bring out bugs or show which classes are obviously too op.

    What BHS is failing to understand is why every true endgame player (people who actually put hardest dungeons on farm) wants a DPS meter. It is not just a way to stroke their epeen, but also a proof a concept that a certain rotation is better than another. Crusade score runs are one of the good examples of a good indicator of how fast your run is. It is a necessity in an environment that could breed competitive play.

    Last thing I would say is that it is easier to make profits off a more competitive game with casual elements rather than a casual game with minor competitive elements, so tbh I am advocating DPS meters in all versions of the game in a way that should be done right.
  • It isn't necessarily that BHE is failing to understand, arguably that they have weighed the options and decided against it.

    Players farming end game is well and all, arguably those players "usually" don't run with random players though. Friendly competition is great though pretty much guaranteed there will be players that would use the DPS meter even if it was personal info only (non-percentage totals) as a means to discriminate against other players (such as by asking players to submit SS's of their DPS meter results, etc.), not to mention how quickly "friendly" can turn to "unfavorable" (personally experienced it in a number of games where the "top DPS" chasers turn hostile when they are topped by others).

    Competition isn't simply a happy-go-lucky happening, things can/do get real ugly, real fast because of it. With the DPS meter door being closed
    those negative becomings are essentially closed behind it as well.

    Does that mean a DPS meter is a terrible idea, no though would it be worth potentially subjecting the entire player base to negativity?

    There are many factors that play a role in determining DPS, some of them being outside of the player's control and a simple meter essentially will not effectively convey them though the results will be more than likely be held/considered as if they do.

    Arguably BHS gets plenty of profit anyway via various means and opening a door to potential disaster for the player base as a whole just to "try" and make more via implementing a DPS meter probably wouldn't seem like a good idea.
  • i mean . in ffxiv ( I cant remember Wow , its been too long .) but in ffxiv you are timed, so yea focusing on better dps is kinda okay. in tera.. you can spent a day in the dungeon and not get kicked out of time. so checking dps doesn't mean anything in that regard. plus, I like to do stuff matchmade, I don't have a crew to run with most of the time, but usually people tend to run end game stuff with guild member or friends, so , again dps check is obsolete.

    personal dps counter is great yes, but globalish meter meh, i'd rather have them fix all the current bugs that were in obt2 then implement some useless tech. ( aka. loud noises indoors ergh. )
  • Wi2ardWi2ard ✭✭✭
    Sakky wrote: »
    I can see my dps just fine. it shows every time I hit how much damage i'm doing and it looks different when it's a crit. DPS meters arnt needed imo.

    if you not serious dont comment

    He IS being serious. I can see how much damage I'm doing. When I activate a skill, like 'mark', I can see how that changes my damage numbers. I can see the damage for every hit and get a good sense how effective a power is. I can determine DPS or burst effectiveness based on that information. I can test a power with a certain glyph, and without, and see the difference. Also, I can see the enemy health bar, so I know how much damage the group does without me attacking if I watch it a few seconds, and how much is being done when I am also attacking.

    I,personally, am not opposed to more information, however I don't feel like I'm lacking in dps information.
  • Over time players in general have seemingly become less and less creative/enthusiastic in bolstering their gaming experience. Will give credit to the RP (role-playing) community, those individuals make a way out of no way.

    A lot of the time players these days rely on developers for various things players before "geniously" did for themselves. Long before things like YouTube players essentially had to discover/experience content for themselves first hand, that or read descriptions typed by others. If they wanted to track DPS, well they either had to have a superb memory or use an external video recording device, if they wanted to do calculations they had to "transcribe" the footage, the golden days *tear* LoL.
  • There's a simple solution to all of this. If you don't want a DPS meter then don't let bosses have DPS checks lmao.
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