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Guild update/weekly patches?

I was wondering if there is any word on getting guild stuff working such as guild bank, chat, maybe a option to invite to guild from holding the "option" button on someone. Inviting to guild seems very overly difficult.
Also was wondering when is maitainace preformed and patches put in weekly, bi weekly, monthly??


  • Answer these questions please! I am dying to know as well!!
  • Same here! Been checking the news and forums every day waiting for an announcement regarding guilds.
  • A guildmate that sits on the EME discord told me a couple of days ago that cobalt said we're not getting a patch for months...let that sink in. @CobaltDragon If you can verify this please. My patience does not extend past a few weeks for this game to get sorted...SURELY not months.
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    I am not surprised at the months. what people don't get is that once BHS and Enmasse have a patch thats ready it goes to MS and Sony to go through their certification. if it fails they have to fix it. If it passes then it's finally okayed to get pushed out and then they have to make sure the servers are updated to work with the new patch.

    So most of the wait is for Microsoft and Sony.
  • Ya I just hate having a empty guild cause you can't invite people. I don't see the hype of this game carrying on long if we don't at least hear when stuff is going to be worked on. Obviously it's going to take some time just like all MMO''s do when first released but without confirmation that stuff is being worked on and trying to be fixed it's pointless I think.
  • MattoneMattone
    edited April 2018
    I mean the cert verification process hasn't been months long for a very very long time, before gen 8 started long. Many titles manage to push out nearly bi-weekly updates, let it die is a good example on ps4, ffxiv updates pretty frequently, neverwinter and skyforge, whatever your feelings may be on them. Warframe too manages a pretty healthy schedule, less than 30 days for patches. Xbone is similar. They were a very real issue and a large part of why most mmos didn't move to consoles on ps3/360, but this gen is different, and the focus on assisting smaller (read: not AAA) publishers and developers get their games on the respective platforms has lead to great strides in streamlining the cert process for updates in general.

    Now with that rambling out of the way, CobaltDragon said monday, april 9th 2018, at 9:59 PM PST in the discord:
    "There are a lot of fixes to top(sic) known issues on the way, hopefully within the next week or so"
    So I would imagine things are just in the works. It's been around two weeks since the game started in headstart. A month seems fair enough for them to get their bearings, and fix some of these issues that may or may not have been in the game since the technical tests last year. Fingers crossed.
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