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"VIP Pack Benefits Expired" message causing short freezes in dungeons

24 hours ago, i have started getting this "VIP Pack Benefits Expired" messages while in dungeons,
which are causing my game to freeze for about 1 sec, most of the time.
this messages are occurring approx. every 10 sec.

this is happening only in dungeons and nowhere else, not in open world or kumas.
from the looks of it, it's not an issue that all players share, only some.
i'm currently an elite subscriber and i'm playing on ps4 maligos eu.

please resolve this issue asap, it's making dungeon runs annoyingly hard.


  • bump......
  • Okay this seems to also be my issue. Didn't know what was going on. Only use to have issues in Velika but everywhere else was fine. In dungeons I kept getting this message and my game kept freezing like crazy/
  • Same. It happens every time I run a dungeon, so you can imagine how frustrating it is running SCHM....let alone any dungeon.

    This began just after this recent maintenance
  • Having same issue just didn't know if it's a bug worth reporting though
  • i opened a support ticket 3 days ago and there has still been no answer.
    doing dungeons like this isn't fun with the constant freezing, which is why it's been preventing me from playing the game.
    don't care too much about pvp or open world activities.

    EME, when is there going to be a fix to this?
  • DiVnDiVn ✭✭
    they fixed it with a patch a few days ago. The Lag was gone. After i logged in yesterday the message is back. I died a lot of time cause of these lagg every 5-10 Seconds
  • Same here. Really annoying. As a priest i fail some heals. Awful
  • Same here. Cant play lilith keep as tank since i lag each 10 sec. Same error. Vip pack benefits expired. Stoped twitching the game cause of this
  • I'm not getting lag from this message but it is annoying af to see it constantly and forget about using the log in chat to see your rough dps or anything other then the constant stream of vip pack benifits expired. Mine just started popping up after the patch tonight on ps4. You would think they would get on this asap...
  • great, a new update and yet i'm still getting the message and the freezing.
    what is really amusing about this, is that this issue occured on pc in 2016 and was fixed, yet here we are encountering the same problem.

    why is this taking so long?
  • ChrisLChrisL Probably not playing this dead game. ✭✭
    is there a fix or is it at least recognized to be fixed? it is very annoying and making instances horrible.
  • edited April 2018
    ChrisL wrote: »
    is there a fix or is it at least recognized to be fixed? it is very annoying and making instances horrible.

    after contacting customer support and waiting for quite a number of days, i was told that the issue is known and that the devs are already working on a solution.

    this was almost 3 days ago, so maybe the upcoming update on monday/tuesday may actually fix this, at least i hope it will.
    what bothers me, is that there is no official mention of this anywhere, not even under the official "known issues" list.
    would be nice, if EME could confirm this.
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