[TERA PC & Console] En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC (NA) and TERA Console until services are transferred. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: https://bit.ly/tera_service_moving

Be patient with enmasse

They are trying they best they can. We know there are issues they arent gonna shut the servers down every 15 minutes to attempt to fix an issue.

They're probably going to be doing a big update soon to fix or help lesson the strain.

Just be happy we even have such a good game to play.

You could be playing crapfest neverwinter. Lolol with 1D graphics


  • Get off your soap box, White knight. This game in its current state is a complete mess and barely playable.
  • Me and several others have paid for founders packs and the like and aren’t even able to ENTER THE GAME AT ALL. I haven’t been able to play. I haven’t been able to create a character. I would deal with lag and desync if I would just be able to select a damned server. And trust me, if they shut down the server every 15 minutes, they would fix all their issues by the end of the day and no one would complain. Also, EnMasse is just the publisher, they didn’t develop this game.
  • First off to the first guy who replied. I deal with constant lag but usually only in cities. It could be worse could be lag during battles, and to the second guy. And also sort of the first one.

    It could vary well be your xbox they do get outdated they do malfunction. Its a new game.

    Ive always been on the logical side of things but complaining about what you cant do isnt going to do anything. And i promise you 6500 other people getting booted every 15 minutes and getting angry is much worse than 1 guy getting mad he cant play at all.

    Not meaning that like you dont matter but try asking for help. Could be a number of reasons why something doesnt work.

    And also it doesnt matter if a hobo from sanfran made the game. Enmasse name is attached they are responsible for the most part.
  • @Narthropi I can agree with you to a certain degree they are trying there best.
    However there is a certain state called Open Beta in which some of these issues should of been noticed and address from a starting point such as Map marker not working (I.E min-map broke). City lag (Pop Limit option should of been put in TBH). Better optimization (I should be told lack of mem.none-stop for texture loading 100% error.) however the game is fun i am a ELITE member and i have bought the Item pass and 20$ worth of EMP so ive spent enough. I find this game is playable so do my friends i have over 35hrs logged into it since launch on console by itself (yes i have a job someone will post get a life ik it). ITs playable its sometimes diffuclt but if you really wanna play the game its 10% bearable.

    @YJXDNATG6P So you bought a Founders pack cool you support the game! They have issues and there trying to fix them!
    SIDE NOTE: Don't EVER buy stuff for a MMO (Founder pack, elite, membership etc.) Until the game is out MMO are very time consuming and often come with a ton of issues (Even more so when its a PC to console port) Just IMO i would never do it to be safe.
  • Hello

    Then it's better wait and start a game 90% ready it's look a pre alpha and lot of ppl have pay foudner pack

    Dungon rol is bugged

    Pvp Eu it's bugged no pvp

    Velika High wath it's bugged also


    To be continued
  • Wowza! I agree with the OP. This has just been ported over, so there are going to be issue. If you are in a town or any area with lag, just change the channel you are in by hitting Start, Y, then go to a LOW population channel. Be patient, this game is worth it!
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