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Godsfall appreciation thread

Imo Godsfall is, hands down, one of the best updates of the last few years. I just wanted to share my thought on lancer's apex skills, and read what you guys think about the other classes.

First, it seems pretty obvious to me that there were a lot of effort and resources put into updating the classes and adding the new skills. The new animations are flawless, elegant and fit the classes really well, while the changes to existing skills make combat even more fluid (at least lancer-wise).

The bluish glow of block skills (wallop, super leap, onslaught) is pretty sexy, and I love the fact that BHS didn't make the new skills super flashy.
Being able to chain lockdown blow from shield barrage and debilitate, and into spring attack adds a lot of fluidity to the gameplay and allows to do a nice combo while waiting for spring attack to come off CD.
The block effect added to onslaught is just awesome and super useful, and it seems to fix the desync issues that arise with high ping (150 ms here).

Super leap is fantastic, finally lancer gets a nice dps skill, and I also love the fact that it can be used to get right in front of the boss if, for any reason, it moves or I have to move, or whatever.
Divine protection is the ultimate kaia's shield, I have tested it in TRN against TWO purple mobs exploding at the same time, and noone got any damage. The CD is pretty long, but since it's an OP skill it feels right.
About the barrier thingie, I still haven't figgured out its utility, but still looks awesome.

Another thing that I really appreciate about the update is that they didn't increase the hp/endurance/crit resist of the bosses, so right now all the dungeons take an acceptable amount of time to complete, having to spend 30 mins in RKN was stupidly boring.

The only complain I have is about the whole dragon apocalypse quest, that is pretty tedious, but it doesn't really matter cause it's a "do it just once" kind of thing.

So, yeah, a huge applause to BHS, this time it's really deserved.


    It's made healing quite FUN.

    I know a bunch of bad healers out there are complaining about the lazy lock-on healing nerf.

    Wah wah wah.

    It's about time Healers step it up and do more work because Tank and DPS has to spend so much gold on their weapon to +9 Stormcry to make the run faster for you Healers that can stay at Frostmetal +0 and do every content in the game just fine.

    Healing has become more immerse to me. It makes me want to push my uptime on my new buff skills for the party and see how much I can contribute.
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    I love it. I think it's amazing.
  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    The only complain I have is about the whole dragon apocalypse quest, that is pretty tedious, but it doesn't really matter cause it's a "do it just once" kind of thing.

    It's not "do it just once" if you have alts tho. Having to go through it 7x for the different classes gets boring real quick. But other than that I agree with your points. As for Lancer's barrier skill, there isn't much use in current dungeons, and it eats up mp and resolve like a [filtered].

    I also agree that healing is much more "active" now, since there's so many more buffs to upkeep. You can't just half-[filtered] your way while healing now if you want to support your party to the max.

    Would also like to add that Slayer is now pretty OP and can finally get out of the "lower than average dps" category (I'm currently doing 2.5 - 3m/s on ilvl 431 dungeons with just a nostrum and frostmetal +0 with tier 3 etchings). The new awakened skills make the class more action-packed, like dashing around with Blazing Thrust (which requires good aim and reflexes to end up where you want to). Unsheathe is cool af, and Decimate adds more variety to your combos when certain skills are on cooldown.
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    I like the patch, very much. Lancer just became, to me, even better than before, and is more fun.

    Now, let's do something about the troll priests who leash 2 ppl all the time, and the troll mystics who keep mass teleporting ppl when they don't want it.

    Other than tgat, great patch.

    P.s. I'm slightly annoyed that Lancer cannot move in all directions while on standfast, only forward and backward.
  • AimoveraAimovera ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I also think that this patch is one of the better ones.
    The new skills, on pretty much all the classes, are fluent, effective and fun. They're not overly flashy (EXCEPT FOR WARRIOR ZZZZ) and fit the classes nicely.
    I have currently tried out the awakened priest, mystic, slayer and warrior and all are extremely fun to play.
    The healing is now a lot more challenging regarding buff up-times, but heck.. it's fun!!

    Also, the new Berserker skill looks funny as hell on Elins.
  • I love for healer and mystic both becomes almost inmortal in pve . And finally priest can do dps as well.

    Also warrior and brawler epic dps. Rip valkirie.
  • Definitely one of the best patches in a long time. Yes the awakening quest took a long time lol but it was well worth it.

    I also love the new lancer skills. The blue color effect and the super leap looks so amazing aesthetically. Speaking of the super leap, that skill is amazing in terms of the damage. It looks like you want to cast this skill from either wallop or charging lunge, or else end up jumping over the boss lol. Someone said it looks funny when I cast super leap. I wonder is it because with my character being amani female and doing that animation makes it look funny lol.

    The new shield reflect that does damage on perfect block, is also a big surprise and makes such a difference in the overall lancer dps. It's finally nice that there is a frontal defense on onslaught now. I also noticed the lockdown blow can be chained now but that's something new to work on hmm. I also used divine protection in trnm last boss when a mob became big and the skill definitely protected everyone after the aoe attack. Yes it's a long cd unfortunately and saving this skill only when in dire need.

    When we get new dungeons such as rebel hideout and antaros abyss in the future, those dungeons will be balanced around in what we have now. Those bosses have almost 6 billion hp in hard mode I think. Don't forget DSU in the future too lol.

    One cool feature I liked is: gather all the mobs before the last boss in TR and use shout. Then use your chain leash and it gathers all of them. I thought that was so cool lol.
  • I looooooovvvvveeeeeee being a priest at this moment in time!! It was worth the wait imo even before patch I hardly used lock ons unless emergency so I think I’m adapting quite easily. It also feels like priest have received a more in the heat of battle approach where you have to place yourself in danger but your heals are so strong nothings really dangerous.
  • Someone said it looks funny when I cast super leap. I wonder is it because with my character being amani female and doing that animation makes it look funny lol.

    Its Hilarious. Was standing next to cleric and after a duel someone was about to heal and a lancer fell from the sky and killed them both. RIP
  • NikiteslaNikitesla ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Great for you all. Sucks for the classs left behind with no apex update insight. Yesterday was just another material grinding day for us second class classes!
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    Whoever did the enemy scaling needs to be smacked, I think. Enemies are lower level than T3 IoD BAMs, but have way higher endurance. Trying to complete this on my zerk (and to a lesser extent, slayer) was maddening.

    Brawlers just crap all over it, even in raw Frostmetal gear like mine was, so there's that I suppose.
  • Though to be fair I did see a significant DPS boost.

    Would rather have received apex instead of “balancing” buffs to make me feel better about being left behind though.

    Already experienced apex elitism doing Sky Cruiser.
  • > @Nikitesla said:
    > Great for you all. Sucks for the classs left behind with no apex update insight. Yesterday was just another material grinding day for us scond class classes!

    Thats might true since update strikes, i didnt see any valkirie or gunner, or archer in a dugen party unless they have stormcry gear.
    reaper and ninja literaly dissapear.
  • I love it too, made mystics like i used to love them back in 2014(?) with their aoe power buff.
    Priest is pretty fun too, youre just so busy

    Pretty fun
  • Been playing Tera for a long time and this is defiantly the best update since the 65 patch dropped in 2015. It feels like they actually put work into the game to make stuff more fun, rather than just a shady update meant to draw new players. All the new characters added, all op as heck to make people make new character, the arsenal patch make gearing up more grindy to keep people playing longer.

    But this, it actually feels just fun. It doesn't feel like they just did this to get new players. Sure some of the new skills are broken but its for many different classes instead of just one. Classes that haven't seen changes in ages now have interesting new mechanics and I love it.
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