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Mystic Issue(more log BUG & TYPO) after patch

1. Arun's breath from mote


It says the mote grants Arun's vitae which recovers 10254 HP per sec for 3 sec.

However, in your buff bar, it is still "Arun's vitae".


2. What is Arun's breath?

Arun's breath is a buff from warding totem that recovers additional 30,000 HP when hit by titanic flavor or boomerang pulse.

So basically

- place totem > lock on heal
- place totem > boomerang

are supposed to heal additional 30k HP.


In the descriptions of Boomerang pulse and titanic favor, they say 15k additional heal when the target has Arun's breath. It is different from the description of Aune's breath.


Indeed, regardless of the existance of Arun's breath, they do not heal more.


  • JasonTERAJasonTERA ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    - fixing title : More log > more like
    - Under #1
    t says the mote grants Arun's **Breath** which recovers 10254 HP per sec for 3 sec.

    sorry for typos
  • Confirming.

    I noticed this last night, but I was busy trying to awaken my characters, so I didn't get a chance to completely verify it. I have now. The totem buff does nothing as it currently stands.

    I grabbed someone, and tested things out.

    Normal lockon heals (no totem):
    * Normal: 28,186
    * Crit: 42,279

    Buffed heals (with totem buff on player in question):
    * Normal: 28,186
    * Crit: 42,279

    As you can see, absolutely no change between the two.

    I'm assuming this is a bug, seeing as how the various translated notes, the official notes, and the description seem to all claim some sort of totem buff to healing. But whatever the case, it's broken right now.
  • DokibunDokibun ✭✭✭✭
    >-< No wonder I felt so nerfed even though I was using my Totem.
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    @CobaltDragon, Is there any bug report about this issue?
  • LagIncarnateLagIncarnate ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    With some short testing I can tell you that the Breath of Arun passive buff (from totem and mote) DOES work. However the buff to the healing isn't visually displayed in any way.

    Here's a little image timeline of what happens, captured from frame-by-frame footage of the test in-game. If it's hard to see, right-click open image in new tab.

    In the first part you can see my initial starting HP, 18,432.
    Second image, the heal orb hits me for 42,748. (18,432 + 42,748 = 61,180)
    Third image, the healing totem heals me for 8,750. (61,180 + 8,750 = 69,930)
    Fourth image, the buff from Breath of Arun heals me for 15,000. (69,930 + 15,000 = 84,930)


    As you can see the buff from Breath of Arun DID apply, as the HP total increased. However the healing that's applied from Breath of Arun is not shown as a visible figure to either the player being healed or the healer. So while the buff and increased healing effects still apply, you can't see them.

    In summary, don't worry the buff is working, it's just not visible. You're not being shafted on your heals, it's just poor implementation that you can't see it, but it still works.
  • ZenjionZenjion ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    You guys should check the bugs section more, I had this posted day 1. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/25080/mystic-totem-may-be-currently-bugged#latest

    Idk how the post above had it work but here: https://gfycat.com/EasygoingShamelessIndianringneckparakeet it did not work for me.

    Edit: I suppose this is also worth mentioning but thrall of life is bugged as well, for the better. Description says heals 1.5% per second when using augmentation buuut... Well, see for yourself
  • LagIncarnateLagIncarnate ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Zenjion wrote: »
    You guys should check the bugs section more, I had this posted day 1. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/25080/mystic-totem-may-be-currently-bugged#latest

    Idk how the post above had it work but here: https://gfycat.com/EasygoingShamelessIndianringneckparakeet it did not work for me.

    Except your gif clearly shows that they did in fact get the healing from Breath of Arun for 15k. I'll break it down for you so you can see it.

    The first tick of healing happens from healing totem, they heal for 13,125, which puts them on 9.9% of their max HP, so we can infer that their max HP is around 131,500 or so.

    The second tick of healing happens from healing totem again, healing for around 7k, although due to being mid i-frame the number doesn't appear on their character. This puts them at 16.5% max HP.

    Third tick of healing happens from your lock-on for 44,157. This puts them at 49.7% max HP.

    Fourth tick of healing happens from 49.7% to 61%, if we take into consideration our previous estimation that their max HP was around 131,500 then the 11.3% of their max HP would be 14,859. Account for rounding errors due to using estimated values based off HP%, we can round it up to 15,000. This would be Breath of Arun activating immediately after the heal went off.

    Fifth tick of healing activates almost immediately after from the totem, healing for 13,125 once more finishing them off at 70.9%.

    Once again, the healing very much so obvious happens. The healing number is simply not displayed because of the way the heal functions. The heal from Breath of Arun is programmed like the healing from potions or motes, while it does heal, there are no visible numbers displayed for either the healing party or the party being healed.

    You may want to update your bug report post, as it's working as intended.
  • ZenjionZenjion ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Mmm ah yea i see now. At the time of making that post I was looking for a 30k heal as literally said in Arun's breath. Mb, I didn't notice the 15k before because I assumed that came from the totem plus some natural Regen.
  • JasonTERAJasonTERA ✭✭✭
    I tested it with video record very carefully, and now can confirm that it works fine.

    However, the 15k heal from "Arun's breath" is only visible when it actually heals. Which means if you test at max HP or if lock on / boomerang heal maxes your HP, it will not be shown.
    Indeed, the 15k additional heal only shows to the targets that is getting healed. It does not show up to mystic that heals the target. This might have brought lots of confuse for mystic players.
    Also, for boomerang pulse, since it can heal twice (when mystic projectiles it and when the ball returns to mystic) the additional 15k heal can be happened twice when the target gets hit twice by the ball.


    1. The description of Arun's vitae is still wrong. It guarantees "Arun's vitae", not "Arun's breath".
    2. The description of the buff icon of warding totem still says 30k additional heal from Arun's breath, but it is 15k additional heal.
    3. The description of Warding totem is missing "Arun's breath".
    4. It is visible only to the targets that get healed.
    5. It is not visible when the target is max HP.

    @CobaltDragon This issue now becomes pretty minor since, at least, the Arun's vitae works intentionally. However, there still lots of wrong description and typo as well as visual issue which causes lots of confusion. I wish you will fix it soon.
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