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Apothecary dye?



  • for console only. you must have a fashion piece that says something like "fashion to dye for". how to get those is collecting enough fashion coupons to buy them. next you need apothecary dye or some dye. apothecary is permanent while others are timed. once you have both of those go to the item you wish to dye and make sure its NOT equipped. press Y on it hit dye and the rest is history. ive found the fastest way to get fashion coupons is to farm BAM on island of dawn
  • Most of the fashion coupon outfits are dyeable as long as they dont say you can not dye this item like the silver and gold outfits. Most cash shop outfits you cant dye unless they say they are dyeable. Just unequip the item and hit triangle or Y on them to bring up the meny and it should have a Dye option if you can dye it.
  • HeathenDeaconHeathenDeacon ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    dyeing is WIT AFAIK. I've seen many of the 'dyeable' costumes coloured differently.

    Personally i'm a little confused though on which dyes do what exactly.

    I bought one of the 'dyeable' fashion coupn outfits and then i bought an apothecary dye off the broker.
    not exactly sure what all the other dyes on the broker were compared to the one i got though or whether there are better dyes??

    The one i got just shows 5 little dye bottles that you can adjust the sliders for in the UI.
    Pretty sure you can make most colors with just these sliders, but i was confused why there were like 15 more empty vials grayed out like there were other/ better options...
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    according to my roommate some dye's are only dye stuff for a set amount of time. the apothecary is permanently died the color you choose
  • I got the Elin raincoat that is not from a loot box and got the apothecary dye... can I dye it on the console version or not? I am so confused!
  • xmixxmix ✭✭
    Make sure to unequip the item you want to dye or you just get the destroy option
  • F3PRFXDA5W wrote: »
    I got the Elin raincoat that is not from a loot box and got the apothecary dye... can I dye it on the console version or not? I am so confused!

    Probably not. The biggest difference in costumes in the store is usually the one u can buy outright can't be dyed but the lootboxes can roll the dyeable versions. I wanna say this eventually changed & u could buy the dyeable outright on PC, but I don't remember
  • I am trying to get a "Dyeable" tag added to items on Console, the same way it is shown on TERA PC, which should make it easier to tell which ones are eligible.

    Right now, the majority of items that can be dyed have the word "Dyeable" in the name, and you will see an option to press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) to bring up additional options, one of which will allow you to apply an Apothecary Dye.
  • Watch Karpo Gaming, he did a YouTube video on it explaining what to do. I was having the same issue, and his video really helped. Turns out a lot of outfits just are not dyeable. Hope this helps 😊
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