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I play as a Mystic and its fun but i have some complains.
- Spam heal others no time for self heal. My main heal only heals my targets and not me. I gues it is ok but i think othe players dont know it and expect to much of me and just ignore thing on the ground and stuff like that.

- Animation place lock. When i cast healing i get locked in a place and cant move for short time. Every time when i need to heal someone i check if im save but the moment i cast heal BOOM boss cast something and i cant move.


  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    1.Don't spam focus heal unless it's needed. You can pre-lock on if you know an attack is coming but only do that if you're topped off.

    2.Poop a lot motes for yourself, and don't expect others to pick them up. For the dps, motes are a last resort kind of thing where they should only pick them up if you're dead or in a far away place rezing the tank. Motes break rotations so they're not recommended as a primary source of heals for the dps.

    3.Use thrall of life off cd if you're having issues with your own health, he will heal you up a bit. Also use totem cause heals slowly.

    4.As for the animation locks, that's on you. You need to learn boss attack patterns. You need to learn to anticipate a big attack coming and to stand in the correct place. Generally if you're standing 10~ meters to the side you will be safe. Use boomerang because it has no animation lock if you're too scared.

    Hope I helped.
  • I've noticed that priest focus healing does A LOT less now. I used to do 82k crit, now I do 33k crit. :S Barely for pre-heals.
  • Get the restorative arun's vitae glyph. It restores 20% of your hp and then picking the mote up will heal another 30k. If there is anything mystics don't need to worry about its self heals.
  • Notice after i learned all boss attack i was able to dodge most of them.

    Still have problem with timing on those attack wher you need to dodge last second hehe :p

    20% on my orb helps alot thx
  • Preist Focus heal is now a filler, no need to use it anymore, just unglyph it. Your best heal is Immersion, Restorative Burst, Regen Circle + Holy Burst, and Divine Charge. I just unglyphed it for my points back and took it off my hotbar.
  • You could use Healing Circle, but it requires you to get close to the boss, so it is best to use it for "oh snap" situation, or you can use it after you pull someone. But the best combo would be Regen Circle then Holy Burst, Regen Circle to apply the buff for 5% damage reduction and then Holy Burst for the heal and the 20% damage reduction.
  • priest is fun now,

    mystics are more nerfed with godsfall patch, they got least skills than other apex classes, quite useless and mana burning, thrall augmentation area is very narrow.
    Non-apex mystics are weak healers, Titanic Favor been nerfed twice, Warding totem does not compensate
  • yeah healers are clutch in the game
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