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(Pc & Consoles) Store purchases double confirmation

To clarify I mean click an item in store, it ask are you sure you wish to purchase? Yes or no?
I think this would be a minor patch. But would be really useful instead of the one click purchase. Lots of things can happen with one click purchase. Accidentally click buy instead of back, drop controller or mouse, animals jump on keyboard. This wouldnt just help people but also support services from people making mistakes.


  • Wi2ardWi2ard ✭✭✭
    I hate confirmation messages. If I didn't want a thing, I wouldn't 'click' it. I don't let animals on my desk. When shopping, I think about the button I need to press before pressing it. I'm tired of of every game and market place asking me to confirm every selection.

    Now, if Enmasse adopts a 'shopping cart' I'm for it. I do like digital window shopping, and being able to edit my cart when I've added too much.
  • people make mistakes I don't see why having to confirm for 2 seconds is a big deal.
  • Baratos wrote: »
    people make mistakes I don't see why having to confirm for 2 seconds is a big deal.

    Exactly lol almost every platform with online-purchases asks several times for confirmation.
  • Post update. For console they added this feature. I don’t know about pc tho
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    DO you wanna buy this?
    Are you sure you want to buy this?
    Click ok to buy this if you are really sure.
    YES god #$#@% I want it.

    yet someone somewhere will still say they didn't mean to buy it.
  • lol it’s sad but this is true haha
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