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Archer skills not working properly.

Close Quarters doesn't stun and that makes Archer terrible at PVP. IT MUST BE FIXED ASAP.
Trap arrow- People just run trought it , mobs run trought it.
Thunderbolt - this skill is just straight up don't work normally how it supposed to. Does no dmg Triple Crit chance glyph doesn't work. Dmg increase glyph doesn't work.


  • I agree Radiant arrow does more damage than thunderbolt even when it's glyphed.
  • just fix Close Quarters asap its so crucial in PvP that it makes me tilt so much....when its legit doesnt work AT ALL
  • There is also a little bug with radiant arrow were if your screen locks up just before you fire it will still shoot but hit with the damage of an auto attack and go on cooldown happens a lot while duelling which just makes it 10x harder
  • Yea close quarters needs to get fixed because this is like the main skill we need for archers in pvp, make it work please ;-;......
    edited April 2018
    for the radiant arrow vs Thunbolt
    i guess the reason that RA deal more DMG then TB, its becuase we didnt get the full archer revamp.

    Penetrating Arrow about 25%
    Radiant Arrow about 25%
    Rain of Arrows about 10%
    Rapid Fire about 15%
    Thunderbolt 100%
    Explosion Trap by 20%

    The base DMG of all this skills are lower then the current PC patch.
    For example, TB is exactly the half Base DMG, so we didnt get the 100% Buff.
    But the triple crit glyph works fine for me. with the right crit factor i have 100% crit rate on this skill. Same with RA.
    Didnt test the other glyphs.

    Another issue is that the focus buff dosnt work right. Arrow and RF dosnt stack any Focus Stacks.
  • Well then they need to fix Close quarters and focus asap instead of dealing with EMP and shop all the time... its so frustrating.
  • TLXTLX ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    As a now playing an archer,i agree with the facts explained here. Specially the close quarters skill.
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