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Fiery Feathers not appearing when Thrall augmentation turned on

I was wondering if anyone had the same/similiar issue.
When I turn on Thrall augmentation on my mystic, the back slot costume - Fiery Wings, disappear. The only other back costume I could check, Spun Sugar Wings, work just fine, appearing normally with the whole blue aura. I am castanic fem on AV server, not sure it is important there though.

Plz don't tell me my awesome wings are useless now ;/



  • Tera never bug fixes so you can just do what I do and turn the blue aura off whenever your not using it. (its a good habit to have anyway since it costs 200 mana every 2 seconds to keep up)

    Also the fire halo disappears as well.
  • StitchedSoulStitchedSoul ✭✭✭✭
    Purple too. And halo
  • thats veeeery bad. I got them as random drop from some gift box, but these wings cost A LOT money nowadays and if I knew it will be like that, I would give them to any other toon or would keep them for later sale.

    As for the aura, with proper MP management I have no problems with keeping it on all the time, and it is very useful to spam the augmented thralls whenever they are off cooldown, not only buffing party by additional power/crit but also getting more healz while the lockon skill got nerfed..

    BUT I don't have my wings during runs at all this way.
    Gonna post ticket about it, we'll see what happens.
  • Ok, so if any mystic wondered about what I got back with bug report ticket.

    They currently "forwarded the bug to proper department" whatever that means.

    When asked for estimate time of any reaction with any effect for us (like, REPAIRING the stuff) I didn't get any details; we should probably assume it will not be fixed, ever.

    When asked to unbind the bugged Fiery Feathers from mystic so I could use it on character that could see them while wearing them, I got a NO reply (kinda expected that though) but with additional information that it might be "intended behavior".

    Not sure how cosmetics disappearing all together might be intended behaviour.....? welp

    but I guess that is and will be their line of defense for now since it is easy to say and not possible to counter by the players.

    I guess we mystics should now think twice before buying any cosmetic items with any effect - looking around ppl who I spoke with about the bug,
    we got blue and fire feathers which disappear, the halos; the overhead clouds are still there but they lack the special effects (fe snow or the poping stars).

    Won't spend more time and resources to investigate further though.

    The worst is that before anyone test on themselves, we can't be sure which are those, so I am not buying ANY cosmetics for my mystic main in the near future (except some basic fashion tokens stuff I suppose, they are simple enough I guess?)

  • I would just like to confirm this for the blue halo, the anniversary shop reward. And, for that matter, with the old gathering halo. Turning on mystic apex aura completely hides them.

    ...I sure feel great that I grinded letters and tokens to get this thing, which now is kind of useless yeah...

    Without aura, visible halo:

    With aura, no halo:

    (I didn't bother showing the profile dialog to show that they were, in fact, still equipped. But this is quite easily testable by just having an apex mystic with an old gathering halo, since that behaves the same, and is much easier to acquire.)

    Hopefully they fix this someday. Though I won't hold my breath.
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