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Future plans?

think they have plans to actually fix the optimization of this game yet? or you think they just going to keep releasing content and not fix any of the lag issues and major fps drops? If so i can't wait to see what kind of hell hole the 20v20 corsairs BG is going to look like. Dead queue within 20mins maybe from unplayability?


  • Wellll... guess we got to wait and see, huh

    Assumptions wont bring us any further i think

    anyways it would be pretty dumb to release content but dont resolve the major performance issuses since nobody would play saud 20v20 with those FPS drops, makinng theit work on releasing this BG obsolete..
  • KiciukKiciuk ✭✭
    Thats what they going to do.
    Profit first.
  • as the game is right now the corsairs BG just cant happen. it wont be playable right now and i REAALLYY want to play it i love that bg
  • FooJabiFooJabi ✭✭
    I only lag a lot when spawning in major towns.. idk what your experiencing lol
  • we will see what you are looking at when you have 40 people hamming it out with tanks shooting.
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