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New to game

Just curious what everyone’s opinion is on the highest dps so. I’ve always played healers and dps classes and TERA got my attention. Just curious about what classes really shine.

Current classes:


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    Brawler is a tank not a dps. If you pick brawler, you will be queued as the tank and be expected to tank. I would level all the classes that look interesting to 24. After your first time,it only takes about 70-90 minutes to get a char from 1-24. The first dungeon gets you 20-24 in one run.

    You’ll have most of your rotation by then and a good feel for the class. I’ve leveled all classes over 30. All the dps are fine, but sorcerer pulls the most aggro from what I’ve heard. How well you play the class is the most important. Go with one you like and play well. Here are the guides

  • FooJabiFooJabi ✭✭
    I would say that archer and warrior are currently top dps at endgame. If not berserker as well.
  • There are no dps rankings on console. Nobody knows their dps because there are no dps meters. The rankings could be totally different from PC due to controlller vs KB input, the build, and lots of other variables.
  • BaratosBaratos ✭✭
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    Sorc seems to be the top for sure slayer is on the low end due to crit issues
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