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Fraywind Canyon>Corsairs Stronghold

With Fraywind Canyon being impossible to queue into, how do we expect to get a Corsairs Stronghold match going?


  • FooJabiFooJabi ✭✭
    Cuz hopefully everyone realizes corsairs is amazing lol
  • I don't understand why ppl don't Q at fw it's the best tera's bg :o and it's me or 3v3 never proc to? I really don't understand...
  • It's cause they made the rewards to good in fuckking kumas royal that it killed tera pvp. im on a pvp server and have over 30 min Q time's for 3's and never got into a FC. waited for 3 hours in a Q for FC and just gave up.
  • It's really sad to see that :/
  • worst part is kumas is by far the worst minigame, and its the only one played
  • best for leveling :/ why do a dungeon 7 times in a row when you can win a single kumas:/ i fuckking hate it.
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