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Brawler pvp (awakening)

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So +9/+8 sc endgame pve brawler main here, looking to get into the glorious cancer of pvp looking for an uptodate guide or some kind soul to teach/tell me what skills to prioritise, what glyphs to take, crystals etc for both 1v1 and mass pvp

Have some knowledge to brawler pvp but only minor, from what i know their main focus is juggle cc'ing the other players, used to be able to do this fairly well but with recent changes, kira, mystics version, sky lotus and the abusers who use prox-errrr i mean "magic" i tend to find juggling a little more difficult to consistantly do

Any advice is appreciated


  • NikuroTegaNikuroTega ✭✭✭✭
    Duel. Duel a lot and replicate game breaking glitches!
  • > @NikuroTega said:
    > Duel. Duel a lot and replicate game breaking glitches!

    Replicate game breaking glitches? O.o
  • FelhammerFelhammer ✭✭✭
    Don't bother with a side of the game that bluehole drilled into the dirt. On a sidenote. PLay Valk you'll win every time. Valk or reaper.
  • NikuroTegaNikuroTega ✭✭✭✭
    WhippyWhip wrote: »
    > @NikuroTega said:
    > Duel. Duel a lot and replicate game breaking glitches!

    Replicate game breaking glitches? O.o

    Brawler is super broken if played right with the addition of abusing glitches and "exploits." ;)
  • @NikuroTega oh wowwiee i'd love to know what theses glitches are, everyones so secretive lmao ;.;
  • Do not use glitch or if you get report you can get account perma banned
  • PalochiPalochi ✭✭✭
    Lol the Bullrush glitch is just that if you Knock Up then Bullrush, the game understands that the enemy is still in the air and won't let them use any skill (and also can't Retaliate)
    So what ppl do is Ground Pound everyone into Bullrush in small circles or a quick zig zag then stun at the end so people can use their AoEs on that and kill a lot of ppl at the same time, same idea as giga but it's Brawler's glitchy version.
    Some people use it a lot and it's well known by pretty much everyone by now, it's not ban worthy.
    There are some other Brawler glitches like getting ppl stuck in place or not letting ppl use mobility skills, but as far as I know there isn't a reliable way to make those happen.
  • Brawler needs no guide. Just go full attack speed and roflstomp anyone with it lol.
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