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Starting to get boring without the gunner

The gunner was my favorite class on PC now that the console version is here I wish they would release the gunner, as that would bring new life to the game. Its old and stale as is.


  • for me too tbh , cuz i already farmed enough to put gunner full +12 t10 with full glyphs and crystal so all i do is wait to release right now .
  • Doing the same thing, except for Valkyrie, so my wait is going to be MUCH longer lol.
    So you have thousands and thousands of tier 10 feedstock already?(and enough to turn into tier 11 for future) cause it fails quite often. and how about the alchahest for when you are master crafting? Did you hit up ghillieglade enough times to get MULTIPLE inner armor boxes to try and get a good one? how about fashion coupons? you'll need quite a few if you want to unlock most of skins. Then you have the supercede and intercede tokens. the more of these you get, then you can grab your glyphes, as well as all your armor and gear of tier 10. You should also start stacking up on crystal binds, cause you can never have to many.
    that should about sum it all up. If you think you have everything here, then i for sure get that things feel as if they are slowing down. I myself am half way lol. But i'm playing for maybe 2-3 hours a day, and getting the most done while i can.
  • i have around 4300 feedstock t10 and intercede/supercede tokens i have around 2k so i think its enough to make gunner full+ 12 t10 when it launch , im not saving or farming to t11 yet cuz i know it will take a long time so i'll farm only after gunner release, and about ghillaglade too , already spend 200k gold to buy 2 elite vouchers but only gonna use it after gunner release , to me game only start after they add gunner/ninja/valk ^^
  • FooJabiFooJabi ✭✭
    The gunner is so boring though lol the other 2 are fun but meh
  • Team Zoth i get what your saying, im running 3 lvl 65 characters right now, a brawler, a slayer and a priest, there is not enough feed stock, lol but yeah im gonna play the game, i just want my gunner
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