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Can't enter the game with 1 specific character.

As the title says, my zerker gets stuck at the "Choose character page" on the Skulregnath server.. Normally I wouldn't bother create a new character since all my other characters can enter without a problem. Though, I bought some items from the Tera store ( PS4) bound to this character.
I'd like to know if other people have the same problem, otherwise I'd like a responds of a staff-member for some explanation/advice..

More details: After I click on the 'play' button on this specific character, it just doesn't load anything, included the character information from the others.


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    I too have the exact same problem as of last night. My highest lvl character on ps4 zyrnaxis server will not load. attempting to load this character results in the game not being able to load any other character or server, and is effectively frozen at this point. Avoiding loading this character allows me to play all other characters from any other server. Restarting the game application and console have had no effect please help!

    Edit: if it helps those reading..I have also made some in game purchases on this character from skins, weapons and mounts, I have also done the same with a different character on the same server. The issue only came about after purchasing an extra character slot for this server. Trying to use the item, after claiming it, my character is now Incapable of logging in. I have now spent approx $180 in less than two weeks of owning this game and I now have a very sour taste in my mouth. After going through the trouble of playing multiple classes and races before deciding to stick with a couple, after level 20, I thought it might be safe to spend some cash on this game.. I certainly hope I was not wrong.
  • I have the same problem. I purchased something in the tera shop. And right after that when i wanted to claim the item, my character froze and i wasn`t able to do anything. so i started the game again and now i cannot login. i can choose the character and then nothing happens,
    No problem with the internet connection. I tested that.

    I am not very happy about that.
    Do something
  • Seems like a purchase in the store last night made us crash/freeze the char?? I'd like a reaction, starting to lose my patience
  • Same, I bought something and everything became a mess. Same problem as you guys :(
  • We're investigating this issue right now.
  • Issue has been resolved
  • I have the same problem in tera pc na after bought 12k emp.
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    I have the same problem in tera pc na after bought 12k emp.

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