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Tera Ps4 freeze/unfreeze bug



  • Getting the same issues is there any update on this or any resolution im so frustrated i really want to play the game :(
  • Ot so far icy. Were beeing told by enmasse that this is all in out heads and thats ts on out side. They seems to believe their server are top noth. I asked to be escalated to a supervisor in my ticket. Been 3 days with no answer...
  • do we need to have playstation plus to have a smooth game play?
  • HI all agian it's me iv treid today to see if the problem have been solved but it's still there.... :( still no news for a patch but im still hopeing for one...
  • For me is each time I want to use the chat, broker, etc etc the games freezes but like 1 minute and sometimes up to 4 minutes. I know it started like 10 days ago so something was touched there. Before I use to have thus freeze each time I go to psn and back to game now it comes to all this where you have to use your keyboard
  • They won’t recognise a problem till every person says something lol I run a ps4 supersample and boost mode and the game is still buttcheeks. They have the potential to make a great mmo but I can’t see it as they are currently workin on another game. Which all their money grubbed from Tera is currently going. #stopthecashcow #2018stillcantmakegames
  • Do you all have playstation plus cause mine expired trying to subscribe tomorrow to see if that would solve my problem , cause i heard playstation plus plays a vital role in online games and mmo in ps4
  • Hi all ljust went online again on Tera to see if the problem has been solved by the newest patch. BUT! it's still there freezeing like a snowstorm on drugs...
  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    I play on Ps4 pro and get this problem but nowhere near as much as the Op. Corsairs at the moment is horrible for me. Distance drawing is horrbible, oftern attacked by enemies that didnt even load onto my screen yet. Freeze/crash almost every Corsairs.
  • Hi all It's me again... and it's still freezing still hasent been solved yet it still freezes on kill... havent been on since my last post so yeah... if someone has a fix for it please tell...
  • Freezing still there after patch they may think is useful for summer or something hahaha In all the years I've been playing videogames never seen a bad company like this one that after nearly 4 months nothing has been updated and every single problem still there. They said inventory tab solved and isn't. Improve game performance and still the same. And worst of it still no new content so people stop playing because is so easy to level up and get to 424 so WTF are you doing enmasse because you said 2 million downloads but I think its 100 k are playing because of all this stuff.
  • I've proceeded to update the existing bug reports, specifically for both PS4 and Xbox, mentioning that the freezing is still occurring while going into your Dashboard or Home Screen / the PS4 or Xbox Party / viewing your Messages / accessing the System Settings / and other locations.
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