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Tera PS4 Archer Close Quarters Bugged

On PS4 archer's close quarters skill is not applying stun to targets. Hopeful this one gets fixed soon as this skill is extremely important for Archers in pvp (especially in Champion Skyring)


  • It’s the same on Xbox to.
    Also rapid fire doesn’t apply focus either
  • Those are later upgrades changes i think. Focus isnt in the game yet. Its later content updates. Were a couple patch behind the pc.
  • Focus is in this patch. Archer recived the ravamp (but just the half)
    Arrow and Sequentel Fire give Focus Stacks.
  • So I was testing a new archer on EU server to see how my rapid fire compares with my main on US server (I'm based in EU). And on that low level popori archer close quarters did apply stun to mobs and to a level 65 who I duelled in Velika, which is strange as on my main level 65 archer on US server close quarters does not apply stun under any circumstances whatsoever. I then created a second popori archer on the US server (Huzrath) and at low level, (level 6) close quarters was applying stun to mobs.

    My guess is at some point when levelling up this skill it no longer applies stun to targets. In short we need a fix and if you're making a new archer perhaps just keep the level 1 version of the skill without upgrading it so even if the level 1 version will do little to no damage as you level up you will have a working stun.

    In conclusion we need a fix. ASAP
  • HvVproHvVpro ✭✭
    1. Rapid fire literally just stopped building force again for me ( worked all week but not weeks before)
    2. Radiant/penetrating charge shots are being automatically replaced with sequential shot after release
    3. Now that I'm reading how close quarters is bugged too it makes sense why it hasn't worked in a week lol
    4!!! Web arrow, restraining arrow, and snare are not applying their slow debuffs 100% of the time anymore
    PLEASE FILE REPORTS AND BUMP THIS POST MY GOODNESS IT'S IRRITATING TO DUEL ... knowing how handicapped archer has been this whole game so far on console
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