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Mystic Thrall Augmentation



  • DreamMTDreamMT ✭✭
    TRWWKDN739 wrote: »
    CornishRex wrote: »
    Get gud is all I have to say. Mystics especially were regarded as the "afk healer" because of how easy they were to play and how many buffs they gave to the party while just not doing anything.
    Awakening changed healers for the better, this is coming from a healer main.
    And honestly mystics didn't change that much, just became a bit more active to play.

    What the heck are you talking about? Mystic is not easy to play at all.

    Sure, the auras are like a passive buff once cast, but that does not mean they require doing nothing. It's beneficial to switch between the speed aura and the crit factor aura depending on the situation.

    I switch to speed aura when:
    - the boss goes into a phase where the party needs to be able to position themselves, e.g. SS to go between all the adds
    - when rushing in large PVP maps
    - when kiting

    I switch to crit factor aura when:
    - DPS checks/burns on boss fights
    - engaging enemy players in PVP

    These switches will happen regularly in most boss fights and so these buffs are not a trivial "fire and forget" thing, unless you want to suck as a mystic.

    Furthermore, mystic is not easy to play at all. Whoever says so has obviously never played it.

    A lot of mystic skills cause animation lock, AND are slow to cast. If you start casting a heal or cleanse as a boss targets you for a one-hit attack, it usually means you are dead.

    Therefore, timing and understanding of mechanics is much more important for a mystic than any other class. You don't just have to worry about healing everyone—you have to worry about casting heal at the wrong time and getting one-shotted. Therefore as the class is much less forgiving in terms of survivability due to just having the one single iframe (Teleport Jaunt).

    Even the mystic damage mitigation spell, Corruption Ring, has a noticeable wind-up time where you don't get any protection, despite the spell's description stating that its casting time is "instant" (this is just a lie and a joke).

    While you watch everyone's heath bars, you're also expected to do all the call-outs most of the time, and you don't have Priest's "rescue someone from themselves" ability to rope someone in. I guess they're adding that, but frankly, that makes mystic EASIER to play, which proves how much BS your argument is that these changes are warranted due to mystic being too easy to play.

    Being a healer is already the hardest thing in PVE or PVP, and mystic also has to handle the following difficulties in PVE and/or PVP:
    - debuffing with a short, 8m-range AOE spell (Regression), much harder than Priest's targeted Plague against bosses
    - stunning and slowing with targeted, slow-to hit, easy-to-dodge spells (Ancient Binding and Sharan's Lash)
    - knockdown with a super-slow windup spell (Metamorphic Smite)
    - half of their skills are useless against a boss (Sonorous Dreams, Ancient Binding, Sharan's Lash, Mire; plus all the attacks and Thrall of Vengeance, Thrall of Protection except for its buff)
    - Regression is only useful in a couple of boss fights, so is mostly purposeless in PVE
    - offensive thralls are 95% useless in endgame PVE, other than the one passive buff Thrall of Protection gives
    - only one iframe skill and no dodge/backstep etc.
    - heals and cleanse require lock-on, which does not always work right with the heavy lag and control bugs in dungeons

    So really, you have to do the same job as a Priest—but with half your tools disabled. So, you need to know the boss mechanics better than everyone else, since you can't give free rez's to as many people or to yourself as often as Priest (and they are going to even nerf Vow of Rebirth so you can only get 5 min. duration and a minimum 12 min. cooldown...!).

    The mystic already, unlike a Priest, always needs to physically stand over a person's body to rez them. Combine this with only having one teleport which is also your iframe, and a boss that targets you with a one-hit mechanic when you try to rez. Now you can start to see why switching to the speed aura and not leaving it on crit aura all the time is really beneficial, and why mystic is harder to play already, and is in no way an "afk healer" class as you state.

    It sounds to me like you never even played a high-level dungeon. Maybe you can AFK heal with an over-leveled mystic if you go to Bastion of Lok with some lvl-22's. OK. But so what?

    Compare Mystic to Reaper or Lancer or Sorcerer. Those three classes each have only ONE JOB, not three or four jobs like Mystic (buff, heal, rez, curse/debuff). They are truly easy compared to mystic in the current console patch. Plus, not only do you just have one job to worry about and far fewer things to pay attention to, but also, these classes have so many ways to avoid or mitigate damage, such as multiple dashes on reaper, multiple step-backs on lancer (plus blocking and rushing), and multiple iframes on Sorcerer. It's insane how easy these classes are in comparison to mystic.

    Yet players of these classes evidently think that because their classes involve combo chaining in their rotations, therefore their classes are harder to play, and healing is easy because there are no combos. That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard in my life, especially because combos in rotations can be set up to where all you have to do is just press the same button repeatedly for the entire combo, then switch to a different button for a different combo and spam that one. That's easy mode, breh.

    So please, get the heck out of here with the whole "mystics are easy in the current console patch/pre-Awakening PC patch". I really don't appreciate shoddy, unfounded arguments like that, with literally zero support in reality.

    I think what is really happening is just that the devs finally got weathered down by all the whining Priests who got left behind when people took Mystics instead. Their goal was to manipulate the developers into screwing over Mystics and necessitating the inclusion of Priests into parties since people will start to not trust mystics to be able to carry them. So congratulations to whoever it was, on succeeding to get the devs to mess up the game.

    It's really a shame because I like Tera a lot in this patch on console. It's great. It needs literally no changes whatsoever to game mechanics or skills, except it would be cool to see a few more glyphs added to certain classes to give more flexibility in specializing or fine-tuning a build.

    This was a great read and you have a real future of becoming a best selling fiction author. Do you have a contact address?
    Also, I personally like stories where the MC gits gud by the end, but this kind of story is nice too.
  • ZenjionZenjion ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Jesus, people getting so triggered over how easy their favorite class is to play or not.

    Being a healer means you heal people who are hurt and keep debuffs on. No need to over complicate things with situation [filtered] like "turning on swift aura when dps need to position themselves" .I mean heck if your teammates are even half coordinated they could survive by chugging potions the entire fight, at least until high tier dungeons. Having these [filtered] measuring contests on who's favorite class is hardest to use is pointless.
  • @ChronosHavok

    I just came back from a 2 years break. I started playing mystic back in TERA's first anniversary. I've mained mystic in the top PVE guilds both in TR and MT, and I have cleared all the hardest dungeons.

    When I read you could heal 85-90k, I almost fell from my chair. WHAT? I have no idea which patch this came on, as my character currently heals like 30k crit (and rarely crits). The amount of heal you do on the lock on is rather irrelevant for 2 reasons :

    1- You have other tools in your set (totem, motes, now the bubble thing, thrall). I have carried complete noobcakes in SCHM or DS and never had a problem healing even with them being hit every shot(well maybe not schm). If you know your character, you will be fine. The better you will get, the more you will be able to do your job (i.e. debuffing, buffing, dropping motes, doing mechanics) while healing.

    2 - Most hardcore end game dungeons mechanics are 1 shot or almost (manaya, schm enraged, perinos), so you healing 100000k or 20k is not that useful there.

    OFC i am full pve so this doesn't apply to pvp.
  • AbstractCHAbstractCH ✭✭✭
    Saying mystic is hard in 2018 is probably the best bait I’ve heard in a while.
  • TankyHealerTankyHealer ✭✭✭
    Thrall of Life with augmentation cleanses nearby players on cast, while providing a buff that grants 10 move speed in combat, restores 1.5% HP per second and 10% MP per second for 5 seconds. With augmentation active Thrall of Life costs 700 more MP per cast.
    It's a quick AoE cleanse that also heals, restores mana and HP, but it costs a fair bit of mana to cast with augmentation active and the heal from the buff isn't huge either. Use to restore party mana or for the cleanse, should be obvious when to use.

    You do realize 1.5% hp per second is affected by heal factors, making the 1.5% more like 20% of total health per second. Divine respite, the god mode from priest that makes them pretty much invulnerable (except one shots ofc) has a very similar line, except it is on a 5 minute cooldown where as thrall of life is for the entire party and has like 20 some odd seconds cooldown, literally 0 - 100 your entire party in seconds.
  • You do realize 1.5% hp per second is affected by heal factors, making the 1.5% more like 20% of total health per second. Divine respite, the god mode from priest that makes them pretty much invulnerable (except one shots ofc) has a very similar line, except it is on a 5 minute cooldown where as thrall of life is for the entire party and has like 20 some odd seconds cooldown, literally 0 - 100 your entire party in seconds.

    Do you realise that post was made on the 14th, 3 days before we even got the awakening patch so it was based off skill descriptions for skills we didn't have yet?
    Sure I could've guessed it would work like the Priest skill, but that might have been wrong.

    What's the point in correcting a month old post?
  • Partyblast wrote: »
    TRWWKDN739 wrote: »

    Oh boy can the console players please just stay in their own forums because you just wrote a short story explaining how you're playing mystic wrong which is why it's difficult for you.

    Can say the same about pc players. They should stay in their own forums.
    Anyone who disagree with TRWWKDN739 is either stupid or a priest.
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