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[PS4][Server-Hydrath]White Knights of Gamers

I am looking to start a Guild in the game for the PS4 community. I have a forums created and ready to go. It is a Gamer Community forums and it is new.

I am looking for players here on this forums to help me start the guild. There are three options for our guild name. 1)WKOG, White Knights, or White Knights of Gamers.

I am looking to use any one of them to start a guild. As long as the name fits.

We play more then one game on the community forums. So you can meet new people.

We will be given a domain name for the forums next month. We are run by Zetaboards. And I have a premium subscription for the boards.

EIther reply to my post or register on the community forums and message me.

The website to the forums is s13.zetaboards.com/WKOG/site/

My TERA character username is Casperkrux, and my ps4 account username is GrandCasper


  • Hello ^.^ I'm super interested, if you're still looking my PS4 name is Siren11415
  • Hi! Add me up~ PSN's mitsu_raihara23
    Still a noob. Lvl 20 Elin Slayer
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