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V1.07 Login Issues

What have you done EME???
So i have a brawler ilvl424 , full guile +12, perfect stats, with full permanent etches, full pvp jewelry, to many hours invested on this game, and now i can't login because every time i try to login on my main character it crashes at load screen ?? ? And if by miracle i enter in the game, it crashes in less than 1, 2 minutes LOL
This is so broken... I tried to login into my other chars and works fine, it seems that the problem is the brawler or velika? Last time i logged out i was in velika trade broker.
Server EU, pvp Zyrnaxis

Everything was fine before the update...
I love this game but Im getting really tired of this [filtered] :/.

Edited: the game worked this time, i enter the game and teleported to highwatch but then i teleported to Ghiellieglade entrance and then bang Blue screen lol .. [filtered] this, im going to sleep.


  • Ramin2100Ramin2100
    edited May 2018
    im getting blue screens as well :/
    on Moloch EU server one char is at cutthroat and another at pora elinu. both getting blue screen :(
  • edited May 2018
    same here. went to enter ghillieglade, crashed. Now it crashes every time i try to load the character

    edit: other characters are crashing too
  • KiciukKiciuk ✭✭
    Everything works as intended.
  • Similar issue, tried to enter celestial arena on archer and game crashed. Now every time I try to login on my archer it crashes at load screen. This was never an issue before this patch.
  • MinardiMinardi ✭✭
    I have the same issue.
    I was doing my dailies when the game crashed.
    Now every time i try to log in the game crashes.
  • Same error on maligos server we need an emergency maintenance to fix the error its un playable someone broke the game
  • Same here. Game crashes right after you pick up a character and try to log in.
  • made a new character on another server and no crash. this is weird :/
  • Same here, game crash right after character choose.

    This is unbelievable, do you even test your patches ???
  • bluehole and blue screens yay :heart:
  • BSD as soon as click my character....3 times already and I aint even seen past the very 1st loading screen....how can any gaming company make a game with many issues worse haha....apparently its possible....I dare bet store works perfectly so they can take your cash....GoW today then and probably whole day woot woot
  • What's the point of the nonsensically long verification for patches and sht on console when they still let things like this happen.

    Whoever "tested" this at Sony should be fired...
  • KiciukKiciuk ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Quote from some article on other site about cert
    PLAYSTATION 4: We have two separate PlayStation builds – one for SCEA (Sony America), and one for SIEE (Sony Europe). Each is essentially a unique company so all the submissions, certifications, ratings, pricing, and patching are all managed through different channels depending on which PlayStation we’re talking about.
    The initial certification process for the game takes 5 days. There is also about a 5-day waiting period for the Sony Store to set up your game. Once that’s all done, you can release your game to the PS Store. You have go through this process for both Sonys (and a third one if/when you launch in Japan).
    After you are certified, your next update is a Day 1 patch. This also takes about 5 days to approve. If it passes, you can then use the Rapid Patching system which allows us to update the game within a few hours, provided we don’t do anything that would require a new certification pass.
    TLDR:BHS is at fault not Sony.
    But Sony should punish them tho.
  • I am having the same problem. It just crashes everytime i try and log in.
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