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Tera is breaking my PS4



  • Well i guess its like the new age of gaming. just have to give it time so "maybe" they fix the thing. happened to me with trove several times like my ps4 just hardcrashed and had to plug it out and yup it might cause bad sectors and corruptions on your hard drive and for memory leak as well makes ps4 go super loud until it overheats and shutsdown. serious [filtered]. i guess some companies just not able to or doesnt have the money to do it. ark.. conan.. and they are like full priced games and failed.
  • WarfyreWarfyre ✭✭
    Tap the PS button to switch out of the game for a second, game freezes for a good 20 seconds or so when I switch back in. PS4 makes way more noise just browsing through my character's inventory in Tera than it does at any point in any other game I've played on it. The issue with quantity input windows on vendors seems to be better lately at least - used to be if I typed in a quantity to purchase it would freeze for about 10 seconds before updating the quantity. Now that bit seems to generally be working better. If they are fixing issues it's happening at much too slow of a rate for a game at this stage of production, considering how serious some of the problems are. I don't expect a port like this to be totally bug free, but the performance is just terrible and shouldn't have even gotten past alpha testing.
  • Reading this post makes my side hurt lmao. All the PS4 users getting [filtered] while us over on the XBONE are not having anywhere near those kinds of problems :)
  • Abednego wrote: »
    No I speak the truth. Typical that you would result to insults and name calling just because someone doesn't agree with you or experience the same problems you do. This is why I usually don't even respond in these threads, because of people like you. I really want to fire insults right back at you, but I won't sink to your level.

    Just leave the game already and these forums, so nobody has to deal with you anymore.

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