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Trophies fixed

They started popping for me upon login and it is retroactive. This is the first game I've played that gave me retroactive trophies for bugged trophies. I don't remember getting this many free things (that mostly have monetary value) for any other console game either. So far we got free pets that can be sold for like 40k or more Thulsa, a free character slot that can be sold for like 15k, 2 free face costumes, head costumes, head slot accessories, 50k in gems for leveling to 65, plus other events for more free things.

Yea this game has many bugs and issues but you gotta acknowledge the good with the bad. It also seems like there's always some kind of event or other updates and dungeons, etc. being added all the time. The issues in this game [filtered] me off as much as the next man but they are trying to fix and address issues and lets not act like this is the worst game ever. I don't get how they are greedy either when this is like the least P2W F2P game I've ever played.


  • SpunkidSpunkid ✭✭
    The character slot from the leveling box can't be put in the broker, and not sure what pet you mean either.
  • Oh my bad I didn't know. I think we got a free rainie pet didn't we? Okay not 40k I was thinking of totes but still a free pet.
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