My game keep stay already log in please select servers ps4

Is there a way to fix this it been doung this for 2 days now


  • > @JX7MA4PKLX said:
    > Is there a way to fix this it been doing this for 2 days now
  • This has now been posted in quite a few Forum Threads already :

    To all that are effected by the "This Account is already logged in" , we're escalating all of those Tickets and documenting all of the following provided information :
    Console Platform
    Server Name
    Gamertag / Online ID
    Last Character Logged in

    This information is being passed directly to the developer, and they will begin work to figure out what is going on and free your Account, so you can log in again.
    I am sorry this type of issue occurred, and also sorry for the frustration of how long it takes to get this type of issue resolved.
  • The issue should now be resolved.
    For any that this effected, can you please check to see if you can now access ?
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