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Two bugs with Felicity pet

There are two major bugs with the Felicity pet.

1) Auto-loot not working

This function does not work, even after feeding the pet and making sure my inventory had plenty of space. I also checked the pet menu and the auto-loot skill of Felicity is enabled. Yet when I kill BAMs, the loot that drops does not get picked up by Felicity, no matter how close I am to it. Sigh.

2) Pet pocket defaults to an inaccessible bank tab

Sometimes when I open Felicity's pet pocket, instead of just showing the Bank 1 tab, there are also other tabs called "Undefined" that do not work. One of these tabs is selected by default. This bug seems intermittent.


  • it's not auto-loot it's auto gather so if you run around iod with it out it'll start gathering for you at half the pp cost. Not sure what you mean by inaccessible bank tab the felicity is basically having a single spare bank tab on you. if you can't place things into i'd see that as a problem but can't make out what you mean by this at all.
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    felicity doesn't have auto loot lmao
    She only gives one bank tab, not multiple
  • If you have 4 bank pets you get 4 bank tabs, so the undefined are possible tabs made available by adding another bank pet to your toon.
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