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Letters and Terrons

Since the beginning of May, I have hardly found any Terrons and neither have many other players judging from the forums. So the next best way to farm letters was BAMs, yet since the most recent patch a few players and myself have noticed BAMs are not dropping letters as frequently as they were before.
Please, increase Terron spawn/letter drop, make the items in the anniversary token store cheaper, or make the token itself drop which would be far better than trying to get 4 different letters with this new drop rate.
Either one of these changes would be greatly appreciated. It's your anniversary, why be stingy on the rewards?


  • KanaSnowKanaSnow ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    That would be nice for them to spawn in other places just a bit more often for others.

    I have the luck on my side so I find them very often when I hunt. I did find out that these are spawning now.
    I found the other one, took a pic.

    They drop these things from what I have gotten so far.

    Good luck to those hunting!
  • Found a 2 headed mob that drops many anni scarves and the consumables.
    I had taken a pic but it didnt save into my folder D:
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Where are you finding them? I'd like to think they are all over, but it's like they really aren't.

    I really just have two suggestions that I think would make a lot of people happy even if nothing else changed. It's kind of a do one or the other pretty please.
    First, consider dropping tokens rather than letters. It's probably too late for this, but even if you lowered the spawn rate by 4, it would be easier than having to match 4 letters.
    Second, add letters to the token shop. Granted people should wait until the end to exchange them, but some of us are riddled with horrid rng. If you let us buy 4 letters for 1 token, it would at least make us all a little less stressed out.

    I think asking for an increased drop rate is futile at this point as they've already shown they'd rather lower rates than increase them. Lets just all hold hands and try to get through this month together as a happy family. ;)
  • I usually look around the areas in Elenea you can check all 3. And then move to the areas around Acarum - Tempest Reach
    Make sure to check all channels and set up a route you wanna follow.
    I sometimes even find some around highwatch as well. But people are usually hunting around there of course.

    Mostly areas that are populated by minions are good places to farm them, if nobody else got em first.
  • CampaignerCampaigner ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Can a channel have 2 big guys in it at the same time? I assume after finding one you just swap channels instead of searching the rest of the area.
  • Our next Maintenance is Thursday (5/24). I will buff TERA letter drops for world BAMs to a bit better than previous drops to make up for this week. During maintenance the following Thursday (5/31) we will need to remove the TERA letters form world BAM drops since this needs done during maintenance.

    I have increased the number of Giant BAMs in the world by a magnitude of 6 and increased their hit count by 50%. These BAMs will be around until the 28th at 4am with the increased numbers and hit count.
    Campaigner wrote: »
    Can a channel have 2 big guys in it at the same time? I assume after finding one you just swap channels instead of searching the rest of the area.

    Yes, the way it works is we set a number of spawns for that mob and then tell it where it can spawn. The system then distributes the mobs throughout the selected area. In the case of these terrons and giant BAMs, I selected all the open world zones. So the system can and does place more than one mob in a zone. Of course the opposite can and does happen where the system will place no mob in a particular channel of a zone. It depends on how many mob spawn we tell it to maintain and how many zones it has to spread them across.
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