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How have PC vets dealt with the RNG for all these years



  • IppikiIppiki ✭✭
    Dvsv wrote: »
    PC players dealt with the stupid/game breaking RNG progression in this game with OP/broken af events made by EME, especially for FOD/MWA farming.
    Myx wrote: »
    Easy. Get Elitestatus, running ghillieglade, don't buy any rng boxes. Problem solved. You don't need anything from this boxes. Innerwear tokens and etching material comes from ghillieglade with a high dropchance. Glyphs can be farmed with high tier tokens without any rng involved.
    All your problems are selfmade. :}
    You're wrong.
    On PC It took me almost 1 year farming ghillieglade almost everyday on 3 toons to get a +16 Crit innerwear when it was BIS, 1 week after that they released +20 crit innerwear.
    And the BIS innerwear is the only one that matters tbh, the lesser ones it's so much more time efficient to just farm the gold and buy on trade broker..

    Protip: You never fix the "RNG" problem just putting more time into the game, that's just like spending more money on lottery tickets.

    Yeah ghilliglade gives you I think one of three types of innerwear with 2? 3? Possible grades of each so getting the one you want is either a 1 in 6 or a 1 in 9 chance. Given it takes up to a week of grinding the instance to get enough tokens for one innerwear, the odds are not great and that;s the hook that makes you spend money to get it earlier from lootboxes.

    I spent so freaking long in ghilliglade on pc grinding, and I hate ghilliglade so this time I just bought the damn lootboxes.
  • FinalFantasy7FinalFantasy7 ✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Level 58 to level 64 vanguard quests gives tokens that can also be used to unlock glyphs.
  • FystsFysts ✭✭
    > @FinalFantasy7 said:
    > Level 58 to level 64 vanguard quests gives tokens that can also be used to unlock glyphs.

    Believe they are talking about the rare not the uncommon glyphs but could be wrong
  • Yea rare glyphs
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