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Current state of the game and how you play it

So the console Tera is very different from what I remember it on the PC ( and that was long long time ago). But I was wondering if the general population on the consoles consists of new players or is it mostly mixed? Reasons to ask is that it seems that once I started running my first 65 dungeons in full Slaugter, I’ve encountered randoms who literally have no clue how the game works.
Running with completely random rolls on their gear, full pounding crystals (or none at all), warriors with no stance or in defence while dps, mystics with no auras and no cleanses, attacking from the front or side of the boss and not dodging or blocking whatsoever...
I mean I get it if people are new and all but I don’t remember having so many people do that on pc... having basically useless in game chat doesn’t help with lfg either so you have to que up and pray.
Is it just my bad luck or is this the state of the game in general?


  • GatokatzenGatokatzen ✭✭✭
    The main problem of Tera consoles is that you can swap to another console game, gta overwatch call of duty and billions more.

    So dont expect dedicated people or hardcore communites as PC, people want to try the game. Mostly of them are casual players the wont go deepest in to Tera glyphs, Rolls , gears crystals etc.
  • Well that’s a shame as I would really like to go in hardcore on this game again and unfortunately going back to PC is not an option righ now. It did strike me as odd that I haven’t seen anyone with +15 yet, not sure if awakening is in place.
    The guilds seem to be quite dead too, either too full or just levelers. I need people to grid HMs with lol
  • KiciukKiciuk ✭✭
    There are ppl with +14 already.
    Also don't waste your time on this game.
    Its not really worth.
  • You might be right, it’s old and feels dated for the new players. Being thrown in the whirlwind of so many little things like rolls/etchings/masterworks/glyphs etc can be exhausting.
    Other so called MMOs on console are so much easier to get into and are simplified. I’ve played a shooter/MMO on console for years (Destiny) and a new max level player doesn’t need to worry about a thing other than getting the stuff that looks nice/works for you.
    I’ll start a campaign “Make Tera great again” ha ha
  • People on PC that go into Tera generally know how MMO's work already and have a basic understanding of what to do, class roles, stay out of the fire, etc. MMO's are prevalent and have been a PC mainstay for a long while now, so generally this would make sense.

    People on console are typically trying an MMO for the first time and consist of more casual type players that jump around to different games. There aren't a lot of MMO's on console and a lot of players may be younger in general as well, so the experience just isn't there like it is on PC.

    Myself? I never played Tera on PC, because I was playing some other MMO at the time. I think I was playing Guild Wars 2 or Wildstar or some such. I can't remember, but anyways... I have played a lot of other MMO's so I know generally what to do in game. I'm older and play more casually than I used to. Sitting in my computer chair for long hours puts a toll on my back, so I spend most of my time chilling on Xbox instead game wise. I don't take things as serious as I once did, and kind of just do things at my own pace.
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