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Is Archer poorly designed?

Came back after a long time away and it's probably just me but the designers ruined archer for me. How do all of you archer players play when you need 3-4 hands to play the class? Some skills you can't chain together, requiring more buttons to start different smaller chains. 1 hand to move, 1 hand to use the mouse and aim, and at least 1 more hand to operate all the "what if" button chains so as to play it properly. I haven't played archer in a long long time, when leveling it was easy, could chain together your attacks so you can move around freely and aim with the mouse. Now I come back and I needed to make 5 different buttons because some skills (for whatever reason) you cannot chain after it, least not what you want.


  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    you're thinking of gunner, archer was never able to move while shooting
  • HaloistHaloist ✭✭✭
    Um maybe try warrior before complaining about archer lel.
  • If you have suffered a stroke or something then stick to a simpler, more relaxing game like minecraft.
  • Put the 2 charge skills on mouse buttons (I just put RA on left-click cuz auto-attack is useless) no excuse for anything else to "need 3 hands" to pilot.
  • MarcusCrassusMarcusCrassus ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    Or reroll to a simple-minded bar-space spammer class, as Brawler or reaper or vallky
  • Ray676Ray676 ✭✭✭
    using spacebar on any class means you are a trash player.

    Also from my own archer experience I play using both my hands. so give you a simple "git gud"
  • You can rebind keys to make them more accessible in your ingame settings.

    My radiant arrow is actually "Shift + LeftClick" for example.
  • Archer is the most hands down easiest class to play lol what r u nub
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Seriously, rebinding keys that are near your movement keys is a HUGE help. Most of what got overwritten I haven't even missed.
    The only attacks that "chain are TB > SF ; RA > SF ; PA > SF
    So keep sequential fire handy and watch it's reset. Other than that, it is a priority list, not a sequence. You use the best damage dealer as often as you can when it comes off cooldown, and fill as needed. A fair number of our skills are useless in PVE (or nearly so) so if you go to Essential Mana and check out the guides you should be able to significantly cut down on how many hands you need.

    And yeah, Radiant Arrow on left mouse for the win. Makes running and charging pretty easy.

    For a while I tried having the other "run and charge" skill, Penetrating Arrow, on Right mouse--but I missed having Backstep there so much I had to change it back.

    When doing keybindings, remember that shift+left mouse is a thing too. So if you have a gaming mouse with lots of buttons, you could theoretically have all your skills on the mouse, hit shift occasionally with the pinkie, and movement with your other fingers...

    Hopefully something in all this gives you an idea that actually works for you.
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    If you think archer is hard you need to uninstall right now.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Don't listen to them. Once you figure out how to coordinate holding the charging skill while running, it gets super easy. But it can take some trial and error to figure out what your fingers will and will not do.

    For example, penetrating arrow is on "V" for me, because I can hold it with my index and use my middle for the run direction. for some reason that works really well for me. Doing the same however with penetrating arrow on a number key just...did NOT work. RA is on the mouse because I use it FAR more often and I am too cheap to get a gaming mouse so I could have both over there.

  • MewtubeMewtube ✭✭
    Get a gaming mouse with extra buttons will help you alot in this game. Have the extra buttons mapped with charging skills and repositioning skills. It will allow you to dodge at any direction instead of only the default direction, and charge shots while you are moving around. The control is so much better on a gaming mouse.
  • OurlordOurlord ✭✭
    Archer is the most easiest class in the game dude lol..
  • Ive had a archer since beta and never had any issues with the class on skills i just use 1-7 for my main skills f1-f4 for my secondary skills such as veliks mark,find weakness,f3 i always put my tailsmen there to quickly mark,weakness,tailsmen combo before useing rain of arrows then thunderbolt,tab and right click is set for my dodges to use faster,left click is set for a attack mostly poisn arrow since all my main skills is on 1-7(rain of arrows,rapidfire,radiant arrow,pent arrow,exploding arrow,thunderbolt,stunning arrow. Thats all you really need as a archer since the 2 main skills you will use is radiant and pent arrow charges and rain and thunderbolt and exploding arrow is used when ever they are off cd prefably weakness is off cd too . . TBH archer atm is probably one of the most easy and fun classes to play and broken in dmg wise even with no awakeing a archer can really out dps alot of classes if played just to dps but also is a great healer shadow .
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