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Fraywind Psr Saravash Crash every single game


  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    Getting fed up of constantly losing rewards because i cant get back in the match before it ends or the game just removes me or somethiing after crash.
  • ridiculous.
    11/15 player had the crash yesterday.
    sorry but plz enmasse, fix this [filtered]...
  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    Just incase anyone wasnt aware - this is still crashing every single match.
  • evanxukevanxuk ✭✭
    Game crashin all day incase you was curious. Crash at end screen after we win and crash when approaching Bam or large goups fighting.
  • thats y nobody plays corsair today...game over i think
  • Crashing all the time.. almost 8out of 15 just crashed on my game.
  • 2 canyon 2 crashes
  • Sometimes we are winning and suddenly half the team crashes lol .
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