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IoD BAMs as a healer

It’s a painful thing to do when you only have 2 characters and both are healers lol. But in case anyone struggles to solo the IoD lvl69 BAMs as a healer, I’ve got a few tips on how to do it in a less painful matter (killing a giant or hydrathant or whatever their name is under a minute). If you cannot have a dps friend with you and have some disposable income:

- Get an alternate set of slaughter gear. [filtered] easy to enchant and super cheap.
- Enchant the weapon for damage. More dmg, enraged and whatever else you’d roll as a dps. - Get the gloves with Crit Rate, attack speed and power. Just like sorcs.
- Get a full set of Crit Rate jewellery by farming Channelworks and keep a set with most crit/power on them.
- Use keen vyrsks or power vyrsks while soloing. Use belt and brooch rolled for damage.
- If you’re elite, use the yellow potion and canephora potion before farming.
- Get the damage crystals for your weapon - a mix of focused, carving and either back crit or front crit depending on how you like to attack.
- Glyph your damage skills, forget healing unless it’s Kaias shield. Priests should get Zenobias vortex and mystics should glyph their Thralls.
- Stack whatever consumables you like that would increase your damage, either etchings you can spare or scrolls/potions.

Now please keep in mind this is all for an ALTERNATE setup. You have to manually switch back to your normal healing/group setup when you’re finished. Do not go into dungeons like this (I beg you)! If you gotta solo do it like you know what you’re doing lol.


  • VinyltailsVinyltails ✭✭✭✭
    Don't forget about the keen motes that drop as well when you kill stuff to help out
  • Slaying too. Easy to keep yourself under 50%, at least for mystic. Not sure how much the self heal on priest is.
  • @Katalina Not easy as one of the buffs you get has a self healing tick on it. Unless you don’t use it. Idk i haven’t tried slaying yet I might see what results this gets me lol
  • Hmm, yeah forgot priest has that self heal on the buff. Its easy for mystic at least, priest is different then...I don't have one yet.
  • I can confirm that slaying works if you don’t use the defensive buff. And it works well too, not a drastic difference but noticeable. I do recommend glyphing Kaias shield for CD reduction ( not the healing of course) and spam it to be safe and immune to knockdowns. Basically you can still facetank them even with slaying. Also having Kaias cd rolled on your chest piece helps with this.
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