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[FF] Highfall Recruiting!

edited April 2018 in Guild Recruitment
Welcome to Highfall we are currently looking for new recruits for our guild, we would love for you to come join us in our adventures in Tera. Highfall is a fairly new guild to the world of Tera, it was started in April of 2017, so we are creeping up on being a year old now! We have a wide variety of players already in this guild, from people who started playing back when it was in beta all the way up people who have just recently started playing this game. Highfall is a very helpful guild, we try our best to help you out in game as much as possible or even if life has gotten you down we will try and help cheer you up or offer advice for whatever is ailing you. Highfall is primarily a PVE guild, we do mix in some PVP elements here and there. Discord is a requirement for this guild, we use this as a means to communicate with each other outside of the game or we all get into a voice chat while in game and chat it up while running dungeons or just chill and enjoy each others company. We also use Discord as means to setup guild events, whether it is a night were we get together on rabb.it and watch movies/tv shows/anime, or setup a wormax.io party with other members of the guild, dungeon runs, pvp events, you name it and we probably use Discord for it. We do these events to try and strengthen the bonds of friendship between all of our members.

We have members from all around the world as part of our little family, so you can find someone online at all times of the day doing something, whether it is a dungeon run or just chatting it up in Discord someone is almost always around.

We are a very open-minded guild, we try not to judge people based on anything, we are highly against drama, even though we know it will happen, we try to avoid it as much as possible.

In Highfall our goal in Tera is to primarily have fun while leveling and gearing our characters. We do not pressure you into running anything that you do not want to run or learn. We are always willing to help you learn the ropes of things whether it is running a dungeon for the first time, helping you with your rotations for your class, learning how to pvp, or just helping you out in life, we try to be there for all our members at all times.

We have a vision in Highfall, to make this guild a safe haven for any and all players, who would like to come and join us, as was mentioned above, we try our best to not judge people based on anything. We see ourselves as a shining beacon for everyone to come and feel safe and welcome and not be pressured or bullied into doing anything.

Ranks in the guild which we try to update as often as possible:

Guild Master:

Ayaokawri aka Vio
Malu.Lani aka Mommy
Hrurja aka Grandpa :)
Eosu aka Eos
Cyann aka Los
Deadly.Shield aka Deadly

Master, this rank is filled with people who are very knowledgeable about Tera and the classes it has. If you ever have a question about rotations, dungeons, gear rolls, etc, feel free to ping them on Discord or find one in game and ask them questions.

The highest rank for non-officers

The rank you obtain after having been in the guild and active for 2 weeks or more.

The rank you obtain after having been in the guild and active for a week or so.

When you are freshly brought into our little family.

For any alt characters you may have, you are allowed to have 4 characters in the guild, 1 main and up to 3 alts. Please on the alt’s personal message put either your discord name or your main characters name so we know who the alt belongs to. This way it’ll avoid confusion and possible removal from the guild if it is inactive and we don’t know who it is.

How to Join:

Put an application into the guild and one of the officers or the guild master will get in contact with you and give you a brief interview. We are currently accepting levels 20 to 65 and we are prioritizing tanks and healers at the moment, so if you have one of those you will be accepted rather quickly and be interviewed after accepted into our little family.
When you join Highfall take a minute to review the rules we have in place in the guild, and then head on over to the introduction channel and tell us a little about yourself, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy just a little something to get to know you better.


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